Obama doesn’t care if American elections stop being fair and free.

He wants Democrats to win at any cost.

Barack Obama is funding a shocking plot to guarantee Biden wins the election.

Joe Biden may be currently up in the polls but that doesn’t mean that winning the election will be a walk in the park for the former Vice President.

The mainstream media may be in Biden’s corner, but even they aren’t able to make Democratic voters confident in Biden’s abilities.

Rasmussen Reports found that nearly four out of ten voters think that Biden has dementia.

Among independents, 30% think Biden has dementia and even among Democrats, 20% think that the former Vice President is suffering from the mental affliction.

That’s not good for Biden, but instead of addressing the problem or quelling the public’s fears by having Biden competently respond in public, Biden is hiding in his basement with only brief media appearances.

Instead, Democrats are trying to change the election by changing the rules.

Democrats claim mail-in ballots are just as safe as regular voting.

Just this week in a New Jersey election, officials didn’t count 20% of their mail-in ballots and four people have been charged in connection with tampering after hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a mailbox.

Yet Obama is seeking funding to promote mail-in ballots.

He sent out an email on behalf of All On The Line, an organization that claims to be trying to “restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government.”

“We need to take concrete steps to address voter suppression.  All On The Line has helped tens of thousands of people — in all 50 states — contact their elected officials to demand action on election protection. Will you chip in to build momentum going into election season?” Obama started by saying.

The former President continued that they are particularly working on the swing states of North Carolina and Ohio.

“Stopping voter suppression is not just about protecting elections this year. It’s also about passing commonsense election reform — a step that will be consequential for the next decade. Will you help fund this fight, friend?” Obama finished.

The last sentence shows that this isn’t about changing regulations short-term because of the coronavirus.

Democrats are trying to make permanent changes to the system.

“The consensus, among people who study fraud carefully, is that voting by mail is a much more fertile area for fraud than voting in person,” said Charles Stewart, who studies election technology and administration at MIT.

If Americans cannot trust in fair and free elections, it will be the end of our democracy.

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