Barack Obama’s secrets are finally leaking out.

The American people finally are learning the truth about the criminal conspiracy cooked up to take down Donald Trump.

Barack Obama gasped when Trump unearthed the secret he spent years hiding.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals – known as the second highest court in the land just below the Supreme Court – handed down a bombshell victory for President Trump over the Obama Deep State when it ruled in favor of the Justice Department withdrawing Michael Flynn’s guilty plea.

As part of the court filings in the case, Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell filed a shocking motion detailing the lengths the Obama administration went through to terrorize Flynn and frame him for being a Russian agent.

“Director Comey himself and the highest levels of the Obama Administration had the transcripts of Flynn’s phone calls with officials of other countries and knew General Flynn’s calls were lawful and proper,” Powell wrote.

Powell’s smoking gun came in the form of handwritten notes from anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok.

In the court filing, Powell cited Strzok’s notes which recounted a pivotal early January 2017 Oval Office meeting where Barack Obama ordered the “right people” investigate Flynn.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden appeared to be the mastermind of the plan to use the 1799 Logan Act – which has never been used to successfully prosecute an American – as the pretext to interview Flynn and set the perjury trap.

“Strzok’s notes believed to be of January 4, 2017, reveal that former President Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, and apparently Susan Rice discussed the transcripts of Flynn’s calls and how to proceed against him,” Powell added. “Mr. Obama himself directed that ‘the right people’ investigate General Flynn.”

Powell wrote that Obama and his henchmen cooked up this plan to frame Flynn despite FBI Director James Comey confessing that Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador “appear legit.”

“This caused former FBI Director Comey to acknowledge the obvious: General Flynn’s phone calls with Ambassador Kislyak ‘appear legit,’” Powell added.

Fake news reporters attack Donald Trump every time he suggests Barack Obama committed a crime or played a key role in the Russian collusion hoax.

But as the facts of this scandal emerge, it shows President Trump is telling the truth.

Not only did Barack Obama know of the scheme to bring down Flynn as part of a plot to destroy Trump’s presidency, Obama directed the action by ordering only the most trusted Deep State agents carry out the mission to destroy Flynn to make sure the job got done right.

“It appears that Vice President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act.”

“That became an admitted pretext to investigate General Flynn,” Powell added.

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