The long wait is over.

The Benghazi Select Committee released their final report.

And it’s bad news for Hillary Clinton.

The Select Committee produced an 800-page document reporting in devastating detail the failures of the Obama administration.

The colossal incompetence of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their underlings is on full display in a timeline account of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

The Committee found the Obama administration had failed to send military assets in for a rescue because they were more concerned with how the troops were dressed and bickering over what caused the attack.

Politico reports:

“State Department officials on the call also brought up concerns about whether Marines who might have been deployed to Benghazi were wearing uniforms, the report found — something officials previously said could hurt diplomacy in the region. One commander told the committee he and his men over the course of three hours kept having to change from uniforms to civilian clothes.

 The military never deployed to Benghazi…

 … The report will also detail the Defense Department’s failure to move assets to respond during the attack. The panel found that while President Barack Obama and then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved the military to do all that it could just after 8:30 that night, no one was deployed for hours and DOD failed to meet deployment times, according to one committee staffer.

 While the administration has said it was beefing up security for Americans the day before the Sept. 11 attack, a GOP aide criticized the military for having some of their rescue jets locked up in training missions or with maintenance issues rather than ready to deploy.”

 The Committee also addressed Obama’s national security advisor, Susan Rice, for appearing on Sunday morning talk shows and blaming the attack on a YouTube video.

The report states that after interviewing drone operators and personnel on the ground, no one believed the attack was inspired by a protest over an anti-Muslim video.

In more bad news for Hillary Clinton, the committee blasted her for using her private email server and embellished on the State Department’s schemes to stonewall the investigation.

Politico also reports:

“What may appear at first blush to be a lack of competence on behalf of the State Department now appears fully intentional and coordinated,” according to an exclusive copy of a part of the report that alleges the administration stonewalled Gowdy’s probe. “Delaying the production of documents sought by letter, informal request or subpoena has decided political advantages for those opposing the investigation.”

 The Select Committee release their findings just weeks before the Democrat National Convention.

It will provoke a national discussion about how the Obama administration – including Hillary Clinton – bungled the tragedy in Benghazi.

With Hillary running on her resume, her campaign makes the case that her time as Secretary of State proves she is capable of handling the job as President.

But the Benghazi failure severely undercuts this argument.

She championed the war in Libya which ousted Muammar Gaddafi, therefore creating the space for jihadists to establish their base of operations – and then ignored the urgent pleas for additional security when they attacked our consulate.

Afterwards, she proceeded to lie to the American people, parroting the Obama line that it was a YouTube video which provoked the attacks.

And finally, she used a private email server to conceal her correspondence which the Obama State Department refuses to hand over to investigators.