According to former talk-show host Phil Donahue, we are currently living through the “darkest political moment in American history.” This remark was referencing Donald Trump’s presidency, as well as on his administration. “Who’s going to argue that?” he asked.

It is no secret that Trump’s approval rating has sunk to an abysmal low. According to The Hill, the president’s approval rating is currently the lowest of any president in the past 70 years. These results are, of course, after just six months of his being in office.

According to the article, a mere 36% of voters approve of the actions President Trump is taking. 58% of those in the poll disagree with Donald Trump’s actions thus far in his presidency.

The Hill article states:

Donahue’s show “The Phill Donahue Show” ran for 29 years with nearly 7,000 episodes. He hosted Trump on the show multiple times.

“I thought he was a hot dog,” Donahue said, reflecting on past interviews with Trump. “He collected celebrities and made a lot of noise and got his name on a lot of buildings.”

When asked about whether he thought Trump could be impeached, Donahue said that Trump is too popular and it wouldn’t be a good decision for lawmakers’ popularity. Donahue compared Trump to Elvis, saying his base “will not tolerate criticism” of the president.

Donahue also made a statement saying it was “too dangerous” for a Congress member to vote for President Trump’s impeachment. This is because doing so will cause a significant amount of his followers to become extremely upset. Donahue feels that the issue of voting for impeachment is simply too controversial to discuss.

However, according to the president’s all-time low approval rating, impeachment may be a natural occurrence of his actions. By simply following the path he’s on, it is possible President Trump could throw away his own reelection all on his own.

When it comes right down to it, Donahue’s following statement confirms what is on many Americans’ minds right now. “He can shoot a gun down Fifth Avenue, right?” Donahue added, referencing Trump’s past claim. “All of a sudden we got a crotch-grabber for a president.”