While a few protests and demonstrations are expected from the losing side after any presidential election cycle, things have gotten completely out of control after Donald Trump was elected.

Groups like Antifa (a supposedly “anti-fascist” loose movement of college-aged leftists) have taken to rioting and burning college campuses.

And now, almost halfway through Trump’s first year in office, things still aren’t calming down.

In fact, one congresswoman is facing death threats simply for not voting against the president.

Tuscson.com reported:

The FBI arrested a TUSD employee on suspicion of threatening U.S. Rep. Martha McSally.

FBI agents arrested Steve Martan, 58, in connection with three messages left on the congressional office voicemail on May 2 and May 10, according to a criminal complaint filed May 12 in U.S. District Court in Tucson. Martan is a campus monitor at Miles Exploratory Learning Center in the Tucson Unified School District. He was placed on home assignment and told not to come into work as the district investigates the allegations.

The voicemails contained threats to McSally, including that she should “be careful” when she returns to Tucson and that her days “were numbered.” He threatened to shoot her in one of the expletive-filled messages.

The complaint stated Martan told agents he was venting frustrations with McSally’s congressional votes in support of the president of the United States.

Martan was accused of threatening to assault and murder a United States official with intent to impede the official’s duties and to retaliate against an official for the performance of the official’s duties, according to the complaint.

Telling a congresswoman her days “are numbered” is far and away beyond “venting frustrations” about politics.

In the same way that burning down part of Berkley’s campus is beyond venting frustration at the university’s policies — which would allow conservative personalities like Ann Coulter to speak on campus — Martan’s actions are irrational and dangerous.

Potent, and often misinformed, anti-Trumpism is still spreading like wildfire.

The mainstream media is clearly biased, releasing unverified information, such as claims that President Trump gave classified information to Russia, when the same publications making those claims printed the information that was supposedly “classified.”

And while anyone with a clear head can see through the obvious bias, actual facts are still difficult to obtain when once trustworthy sources like the New York Times or CNN still dominate internet searches for news.

Liberal super PACs are latching on to this media-driven hysteria and taking it up another notch, and adopting gruesome tactics like die-ins and mock funerals to protest Obamacare repeal on the premise that thousands of people, young and old, will die in the near future as a direct result of Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress’ policies.

So, while it is abhorrent that members of Congress are now getting death threats for support, or even perceived support for the president, it is almost unsurprising that this is happening.

Many are also amazed that violent responses to the Trump administration are not being strictly punished.

Police have been ordered to stand down, make minimal arrests, or not even attend the potential riots by Antifa from California all the way to Massachusetts.

At the so-called “Battle of Berkley,” police were ordered simply to stand down and watch as the “protest” became an outright brawl.

This has been going on since even before the election, when no one was prosecuted after videos of anti-Trump hecklers egging and assaulting Trump rally attendees surfaced.

Steve Martan was released from jail into house arrest while awaiting sentencing, even after making death threats to the congresswoman.

Tuscon.com reported:

Martan was released on his own recognizance, but he is restricted to his home when he is not at work or fulfilling other obligations, such as his court-ordered participation in a mental health treatment program, court records show. He must wear an electronic monitoring device and he is prohibited from contacting any alleged victims or possessing a firearm or weapon.

McSally represents congressional District 2, the same district served by then-U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot and seriously wounded in an assassination attempt on Jan. 8, 2011, on the northwest side. Six people were killed and 13 wounded in the attack.

Martan was given standard house arrest. This is the same circumstance an adult might receive for a drug-related charge in many states.

The FBI did not state whether any extra steps have been taken to beef-up Congresswoman McSally’s security while this man is still walking free in Tucson.


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