We have yet to reach the end of the numerous women who are alleging sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton.

Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey have all made accusations against the former President of sexual harassment, assault, and rape.

And as the Presidential campaign reaches its final month, another woman is about to go public.

Kathleen Willey – the former White House aide who claimed Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in 1993 – broke the story on her Facebook that a new woman would be appearing on Aaron Klein’s radio show to reveal her allegations for the first time.

Oops! I just now found out that the interview I just announced that was supposed to be on Aaron Klein’s radio show has been postponed until next Sunday. Sorry! I will post a reminder again next week.

Posted by Kathleen Willey on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Willey’s own story is often overlooked.

Heavy.com recounts the details of her alleged assault – which she made public in a 1998 60 Minutes interview:

“Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer aide, accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her at the White House on November 29, 1993. She first made the allegation in March 1998 during an interview on 60 Minutes. Willey was a Clinton supporter who had campaigned for him and donated thousands to his 1992 presidential bid, according to 60 Minutes. She said the sexual assault occurred in the Oval Office in a private study. She also told 60 Minutes he kissed her on the mouth, touched her breasts with his hand and then put her hand on his genitals while he was aroused. Willey said she then left the study.”

But with a new woman entering the fray, it may further buttress the charge that Hillary was an enabler of Bill’s misconduct.

At various points in the campaign, GOP nominee Donald Trump has leveled this charge against Hillary.

Writing in Politico, Rich Lowry detailed the lengths at which the Clintons have gone through to ruin the reputations of women who came forward against Bill – including when Hillary declared they had to “destroy” the woman who claimed an Arkansas State trooper approached her on Bill’s behalf:

“According to journalist Michael Isikoff, the Clinton campaign in 1992 spent $100,000 on private-detective work related to women. The approach, when rumors first popped up, was to get affidavits from women denying affairs — the reflex of most women is to avoid exposure — and, failing that, to use any discrediting tool at hand.

Hillary was fully on board. When a rock groupie told Penthouse in late 1991 that a state trooper approached her on Gov. Clinton’s behalf, Hillary said “we have to destroy her story…

 …The truth never mattered too much. When after Bill was elected president state troopers began to tell of how he had used them to procure women, the possibility of federal jobs and threats of retaliation were wheeled out to try to keep them silent. Wright worked the case, even though she told people she believed that the troopers had, indeed, procured women for Clinton.

One of the procured was Paula Jones. When she came forward, she was abused as trailer-park trash. Even though her sexual harassment suit was dubious, her story of a gross come-on by Clinton in a hotel room was credible, and she told numerous people about it at the time.”

 What direct impact this explosive revelation has on Hillary’s campaign is yet to be determined.

The interview with the unnamed woman will air the same night as the second Presidential debate.

What level of coverage the story receives depends on how credible and explosive the allegations are.

The so-called “mainstream” media will obviously try to bury the allegations as much as they can.

But with conservative and social media able to dig into the stories the liberal press refuses to acknowledge, there is a good chance this story will make waves, so long if the claims can be substantiated.