black_lives_matterLiberal mob claims more victims as activists beat drivers on Missouri interstate

“Two activists prominent in Ferguson protests face felony charges related to a demonstration that briefly shut down Interstate 70 in St. Louis County,” The Associated Press reports.

“Charges were filed Wednesday against 26-year-old Brittany Ferrell and 21-year-old Alexis Templeton for an alleged attack on an SUV driver who pushed past protesters,” reports the AP.

According to the AP, “Demonstrators on Monday ventured onto I-70 during afternoon rush hour, forcing vehicles to stop. It was part of a day of protests related to the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson.”

“As a woman driving an SUV pushed past protesters, Templeton allegedly punched her through the open window. Ferrell is accused of kicking the vehicle, causing $5,000 in damage.”

The two women were released from jail after being booked and are awaiting trial.

They were greeted by a cheering mob of 75 liberals, applauding their violent attack on innocent bystanders.

Fueled by $33 million in direct cash from George Soros, the Black Lives Matter movement (which is actually run by white people) has grown increasingly violent.

In June, Cleveland police officers attempting to apprehend a criminal were shot at from behind as an anti-police mob formed around them.

The officers responded to a call that six armed men were waving guns at the scene of a police-involved shooting last year.

When the officers responded, a taunting mob formed around them.  When the officers attempted to question the men, one of them fired at the officers and ran.  As the police pursued him, several people in the mob began firing at the officers, attempting to shoot them in the back.

In March, a liberal protester opened fire on police from Ferguson, Missuori, wounding two officers.

Earlier this month, an illegal alien was arrested after setting a Houston-area deputy constable’s patrol car on fire and pointing a rifle at officers, leading to a 35-minute car chase.

YourHoustonNews reports that the illegal alien told arresting officers the arson attack and attempted vehicular homicide were his “war against the government” because “he was tired of his people getting shot by police and nothing happening, so he came to shoot them.”

That same week, another man rammed a police car as part of a self-proclaimed race war.

Driving a car with his five-year-old daughter inside, Kevin Labriado stomped on the accelerator and slammed his vehicle into a St. Louis police car, injuring two police officers.

As police arrested him, Labriado yelled several times “This is for the black people!”

The Black Lives Matter movement is now invading presidential campaign events, stealing microphones from Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders at multiple events, and bum-rushing and shutting down a Jeb Bush appearance.