Andover Newton Theological School survived 210 years, but couldn’t survive abortion activism.

The nation’s oldest “mainline” Protestant seminary is closing its doors after embracing a liberal political agenda it claimed would propel it into the 21st Century.

The Andover Newton Theological School is dissolving and will be absorbed into the Yale University Divinity School after years of massive financial losses.

Andover Newton describes itself as “radically open” and “affirming”, affiliating itself with the far-left United Church of Christ, American Baptist church and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

All three denominations have spearheaded the “religious left” movement, working to incorporate support of abortion and gay marriage into Christian teachings.

Andover Newton started to embraced left-wing activism in the 1960s, preaching acceptance for international Communism, abortion, and gay marriage.

Among the school’s more notorious figures are 1958 graduate and pro-Fidel Castro activist, Lucius Walker, 1943 graduate and Black Panther supporter, Claude Black, and faculty member Harvey Cox, who is also vice president of the radical leftist National Council of Churches.

Rather than providing salvation, Andover Newton’s political liberalism provided their damnation.

The school has been hemorrhaging millions of dollars as their affiliated churches’ leftward lurch drove away congregants.

But while Andover Newton and their politically liberal brethren are dying out, politically conservative churches are growing.

Alexander Griswold, writing in The Federalist, notes:

In 2002, the number of baptized U.S. members of the Episcopal Church stood at 2.32 million. By 2012, that number had fallen to 1.89 million, a decline of 18.4 percent. Meanwhile, attendance has fallen even more steeply. Average Sunday attendance in its U.S. churches was 846,000 in 2002, but had fallen 24.4 percent by 2012 to only 640,000. Other signs of congregational liveliness have fallen even further. Baptisms have fallen by 39.6 percent, and marriages have fallen by 44.9 percent.

As for the ACNA? It’s seen its membership rise by 13 percent and its Sunday attendance rise by 16 percent in the past five years. Since 2009, the ACNA has planted 488 new congregations. In 2012, the entire Episcopal Church managed to plant four new churches.

But nowhere is the death of politically liberal Christianity more evident than in the United Church of Christ, one of the mother churches of Andover Newton.

Griswold writes:

While UCC has been bleeding members for decades, its decline rapidly accelerated after the gay marriage vote. Since 2005, UCC has lost 250,000 members, a decline of 20.4 percent over seven years. While an average of 39 congregations left UCC annually from 1990 to 2004, more than 350 congregations departed in the following three years. The UCC’s own pension board called the 2000’s decline “the worst decade among 25 reporting Protestant denominations,” and admitted that “…the rate of decline is accelerating.”

Andover Newton was able to withstand 210 years of a changing culture.

The church didn’t perish until it embraced the things of this world.

It’s almost like Christ’s teachings are eternally true or something.