no-one-caresPew Research poll finds Obama’s top priorities are literally the last thing Americans care about

Barack Obama’s top priorities for his last year in office are implanting more gun control, passing a Trans-Pacific trade agreement, and fighting so-called “climate change”.

But the latest Pew Research poll finds they are literally the last things Americans care about.

No, really.

Pew Research created a list of 18 political issues and asked Americans to choose which ones they felt should be a top priority for Obama and his Administration.

“Gun policy” and “climate change” placed 16th and 17th.

And “global trade” placed 18th – an issue Americans obviously care the least about.

The “economy” was number one, with 75% saying Obama should focus on that.

“Dealing with immigration” has increased as a priority by 11% since Obama took office. It is the highest increase of any issue, and much to Obama’s chagrin.

Likewise, the desire for the Administration to “strengthen our military” has grown by 8%.

The number of Americans who view “protecting the environment” a top issue has dropped 5% since Obama took office – another obvious failure – despite pushing his aggressive propaganda.

And while Obama’s agenda is unpopular, Americans are even less sold on his legacy.

For example, 51% of Americans think his failures will outweigh his accomplishments and only 39% think his accomplishments will outweigh his failures.

Among independents, the feeling Obama will be remembered as a failure outweighs the feeling he will be remembered as a success by a shocking 16 point margin.

Even 52% of independents think Obama’s failures will outweigh his accomplishments (more than the population at large) – leaving 36% of independents who think his accomplishments will outweigh his failures (less than the population at large).

 What’s worse is, “at an earlier point in Bush’s second term (January 2007), far more thought he would be unsuccessful (45%) than successful (24%). By contrast, in January 1999, more thought Clinton would be successful (44%) than unsuccessful (24%),” Pew reports.

The proof is in the pudding – Americans consider Obama’s presidency an even bigger flop than George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.