Americans Humiliated Barack Obama With The Election Results

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only loser last night.

There was one other Democrat who came out of election night embarrassed by the American people.

Barack Obama was dealt a stinging rebuke by the voters, and he never even saw it coming.

In the final weeks of the campaign, Obama threw himself 100% into electing Hillary Clinton.

He told his voters that his legacy was on the line.

Obama put his prestige on the ballot.

And the American people told him to just go away already when they handed Donald Trump a decisive victory.

The Washington Post labeled Obama one of the biggest losers of Election Night:

President Obama: The outgoing president left no doubt that he saw his own legacy on the line in the 2016 election. He was an active and aggressive advocate for Clinton on the campaign trail, insisting that the progress he had made over these last eight years could be lost if Trump was elected. But, for the third election in the last four, Obama was unable to transfer his popularity to his party.  (Democrats suffered massive losses in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections and now, this.) It remains to be seen whether Trump will make good on his promises to undo a number of Obama’s signature accomplishments — the Iran deal, the Affordable Care Act etc. But, the very fact he was elected on a promise to, essentially, erase the record of the Obama administration speaks to the fact that while a majority of Americans may like Obama, they’re not too keen on his policies.

And Obama took the loss personally.

Many believed the only reason Trump ran for President was because Obama mercilessly mocked him at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

The liberal press loved the grilling, but others pointed out that Trump may run in 2016 to redeem himself in the eyes of the media.

Obama did not take Trump’s victory well.

He saw it as a direct rejection from the American people to his brand of race-baiting, identity politics.

Politico reports:

“President Barack Obama and his aides throughout the federal government have 10 weeks to nail anything and everything they can down, a crisis in management they’ll need to handle amid a crisis in politics, faith, the economy and the world order.

But they’ve already lost the chance to lock in Obama’s vision of America, one that is educated and pragmatist, multicultural, cosmopolitan and globalist.

Obama said for months on the campaign trail that he’d consider Donald Trump’s election a personal repudiation. And it was. The Senate and House results leave no question, as if there could be one.

A reality has slipped through their fingers. Four more years of a Democrat in the White House would make much of how Obama reshaped the government irreversible. A woman following a black man would drive home how there was no turning back to the old ways. Filling that Supreme Court seat would cement it for a generation.

Tuesday’s stunner is about Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings, and in retrospect, about the absurd clearing of the Democratic field for a candidate deeply flawed. But it is more about the reality of a country that not even many of Trump’s aides and supporters appeared to fully grasp.”

At the end of the day, Obama made the election all about him.

And just like when he tried this tactic in the 2014 midterms, the American people spoke clearly.