Late night comedy shows are becoming the bastions of left-wing politics.

When Stephen Colbert took his act to CBS, taking over for David Letterman – which he transformed the show into a nightly liberal propaganda program – Comedy Central replaced him with Daily Show performer Larry Wilmore.

But the network executives never imagined the reaction from their viewers.

Americans are becoming increasingly turned off by the strident far-left-of-center slant that has increasingly dominated late night comedy.

Gone are the days of Jay Leno playing it down the middle because he knew both Republicans and Democrats watched his Tonight Show.

Instead, Americans are now being treated to left-wing comedians skewering conservatives and promoting their pet political causes.

But networks are paying the price.

Comedy Central announced the cancelation of  “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore”

The New York Times reports:

“In the midst of a wild and unpredictable presidential campaign, Comedy Central is upending its late-night lineup and canceling Larry Wilmore’s show.

The final episode of Mr. Wilmore’s 11:30 p.m. “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore” will be Thursday, the network announced on Monday.

Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s president, said he informed Mr. Wilmore of the news late last week. The move, he said in an interview, was made for a simple reason: the show “hasn’t resonated.”

“Even though we’ve given it a year and a half, we’ve been hoping against hope that it would start to click with our audience, but it hasn’t happened and we’ve haven’t seen evidence of it happening,” Mr. Alterman said.

The awkward timing of the cancellation, just 12 weeks before the election, ultimately came down to a contract, Mr. Alterman said. Mr. Wilmore’s deal, along with those of several of the show’s other staff members, was set to expire in a few weeks and the network had to decide now whether to renew or cancel.”

Wilmore – whose defining moment was using racial slurs as part of his White House Correspondents Dinner performance – made his program a showcase for liberal racial grievance politics .

Americans were turned off and fled the program, leading to its cancellation.

But Wilmore is not the only struggling left-wing late night comic.

Stephen Colbert has seen the ratings plummet when it became clear his program would be a showcase for his liberal politics.

Colbert rose to prominence as being the parody of a conservative talk show host on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” however it quickly became apparent his show was a major turnoff for Republican leaning viewers.

Colbert’s program has fallen to third place behind “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on NBC and ABC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel”.

A major factor is Republican viewers abandoning the show.

Cinemablend reports on a survey breaking down the partisan affiliation of the various late night shows audiences:

“… Stephen Colbert mostly appeals to Democrats. In the study, only 17% of Colbert watchers also happen to be Republicans, while 47% of Colbert watchers happen to self-identify as Democrats (the rest identify are Independents). In comparison, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is comprised of 34% Democrats and 33% Republicans (the rest identify are Independents). The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is 36% Democrat and 31% Republican (the rest are Independents), which is a slightly bigger discrepancy than Kimmel, but still pretty equally split among the parties.”

Two of the more overtly political comedians – Larry Wilmore and Stephen Colbert – have struggled mightily in the late night wars.

Americans are sending network executives – who are down-the-line liberals – a message.