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The 2020 election was one of the most controversial and closely contested elections of many Americans’ lifetimes.

Donald Trump is still challenging the results in several key states.

And all hell broke loose when Michelle Obama made this confession about the election.

In the wake of the fake news media falsely declaring Joe Biden the President-elect before any vote counts are officially certified, Democrats have glommed on to a message of “healing” and “unity.”

Of course they do not mean a word of it.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama made that clear in a series of tweets where Obama attacked Trump supporters as dangerous racists posing a massive threat to the future of democracy.

“Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division. We’ve got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead and connect with them on what unites us,” Obama wrote.

Obama warned Joe Biden supporters that Trump voters were the enemy who liberals needed to fight against at all times without ever letting their guard down.

“But we’ve also got to recognize that the path to progress will always be uphill. We’ll always have to scrape and crawl up toward that mountaintop. And two years from now, four years from now, there will once again be no margin for error,” Obama added.

Obama attacked Trump supporters as trying to subvert democracy because they demanded that every legal vote be counted to determine who won the 2020 election.

“We see now the reality that we can’t take even the tiniest part of our democracy for granted. Every single vote must count — and every single one of us must vote. And as a country, we should be making it easier, not harder to cast a ballot,” Obama continued.

Michelle Obama does not believe in healing or unity.

If you want the country to come together in common purpose you don’t smear 71,000,000 Americans as racists hell-bent on turning the nation into a fascist state.

When Democrats say they want unity what they mean is submission.

From Joe Biden to Michelle Obama to their sock puppet servants in the fake news media, everyone on the left demands conservatives stop questioning Democrats and get with the program.

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And unity certainly does not mean that Michelle Obama – who is one of the most high profile Democrats in America – smears her political opponents as racists and rubes duped by Donald Trump’s supposed lies and alleged bigotry.

Normal political reconciliation involves give and take.

But the give and take Biden and Michelle Obama imagine is the left takes all the power while the right gives up its ability to oppose them.

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