Adam SchiffDemocrats took a major political risk by launching an impeachment witch hunt just one year before the 2020 Presidential Election.

From Nancy Pelosi on down, top Democrats nervously waited to see if their bet would pay off.

And Adam Schiff suffered the biggest defeat of his life when he saw these polls.

Democrats seized on the phony Ukraine scandal as their last chance to try and remove the President from office before the 2020 Election.

Congressman Al Green let the cat out of the bag on why Democrats were so desperate to impeach the President when he admitted in a TV interview that unless the Democrats’ coup succeeded in removing Donald Trump from office, the President could very well win re-election in 2020.

The first stage of this attack on democracy was Adam Schiff running a closed-door kangaroo court where he marched Deep State loyalists into closed-door hearings and then selectively leaked portions of their testimony to the fake news to try and frame President Trump as guilty of committing impeachable offenses.

That failed to turn the tide of public opinion against the President.

Phase two of this insurrection began when the very same anti-Trump activists that testified behind closed doors appeared in nationally televised show trials overseen by Adam Schiff.

This roll of the dice also ended up as a bust.

The polling aggregator website showed the opposition to impeachment rising and support falling with 46.7 percent supporting impeaching and removing the President and 44.7 percent opposing the impeachment inquiry.

That represented the lowest level of support for impeachment since early October which was before Schiff’s witch hunt officially began.

In addition, the Real Clear Politics polling average showed Donald Trump’s approval rating rising to 44 percent.

Daniel Vaughan – host of the “Beltway Outsiders” podcast – analyzed the polling data and came to one simple conclusion – namely that Democrats were losing the public relations fight over impeachment.

“If you’re a pundit and you lead with or argue this past week harms Republicans or Trump, you’re picking a narrative, not reality. Impeachment is a political process and Democrats are losing any mandate they might have had on impeachment,” Vaughan wrote.

“The only people who want impeachment are pundits inside their bubble & journalists, who are biased and have a monetary interest in the ratings bonanza that impeachment proceedings bring them (though that’s probably dwindling on the House side, so they need a Senate trial now),” Vaughan added.

But Democrats have no graceful way to bow out of this doomed impeachment fight.

Their base and their fellow travelers in the fake news media will never forgive Congressional Democrats if they don’t press forward and pass articles of impeachment out of the House of Representatives.

Instead, they are picking a fight over impeachment that is increasingly unpopular and could turn off swing voters in the 2020 election.

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