09missouri-campus-ss-slide-K27F-superJumboStudent body president issued Facebook post claiming KKK kill squads were on campus, started protests with Facebook claim of racists in pickup trucks

The liberal activist who started the wave of “safe space” protests at the University of Missouri admits making up a racist threat.

Student body president Payton Head issued a campus alert, claiming KKK members had invaded the campus and were ready to kill people.

“Students, please take precaution.  Stay away from the windows in residence halls.  The KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus.  I’m working with the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard,” Head posted to Facebook the morning of Nov. 11.

All of it was a lie.

The KKK was not confirmed to be sighted on campus.

And Head was not working with campus police and the National Guard, who have no idea what he is talking about.

“There is no Ku Klux Klan on campus,” university police Major Brian Weimer tells The Blaze.

The wave of campus protests were started by another Facebook posting by head.

On Sept. 12, Head posted to Facebook that he was stalked by racists in a pickup truck who were calling him racial slurs.

“For those of you who wonder why I’m always talking about the importance of inclusion and respect, it’s because I’ve experienced moments like this multiple times at THIS university, making me not feel included here,” he claimed.

The protests began after University President Tim Wolfe did not take action to respond to Head’s claim, which was completely unproven and unsubstantiated.

Protests worsened after claims of the discovery of a swastika smeared on a wall in feces.

No proof of the alleged swastika, or information about it, has ever been offered.

“Hate incidents” on college campuses are routinely found to be hoaxes perpetrated by liberals hoping to instigate protests.

Campus liberals insisted the University take action to fight the racism Head described, even though there’s no proof it ever happened and there’s nothing the University can do about random people in a pickup.

Screaming the slogan “White silence is violence,” campus liberals forced the university president and the university system’s chancellor to resign for not apologizing for their “white male privilege.”

After admitting he lied about the KKK threat, Head still has not produced any evidence of his previous Facebook claim of the racial incident that started the protests.

Along with unsubstantiated and debunked claims of racist incidents, Head’s Facebook page also hosts photographs of him meeting with Obama in the White House.

“If your simple existence is not a political statement, I’m really going to need for you to check your privilege,” he wrote on Facebook.