In a surprising turn of events, President Trump fired James Comey, the Director of the FBI who oversaw the Clinton investigation.

While his firing was controversial at best, it seems more evidence is coming to light to back his termination.

But it was just revealed that Andrew McCabe, the current acting director of the FBI, holds some special ties to Clinton and her donors – ones that may be incriminating to say the least.

Andrew McCabe, previously the deputy director of the FBI, is a close friend of Clinton ally and primary donor, Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

The Daily Caller reports:

FBI acting director Andrew McCabe has strong ties to Clinton ally Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

McCabe was previously the deputy FBI director and following President Trump’s dismissal of James Comey, he will be in charge of the nation’s preeminent law enforcement agency. The White House said Tuesday that the search for a new FBI director will begin immediately.

It is no secret that McCabe is a strong Democratic leader, and the influence he could have in the FBI may be more disturbing than that of his predecessor.

The acting director keeps close ties to the Democratic Party, as his wife is state level politician.

McCabe’s wife ran for state Senate as a Democrat, and received a rather large donation from McAuliffe.

The Daily Caller reports:

Until the administration finds this director, a man strongly connected to the Democratic Party will be in charge. The Democratic Virginia governor’s PAC donated $467,500 to McCabe’s wife Jill McCabe’s 2015 state Senate campaign. The Virginia Democratic Party also spent a little over $200,000 on the campaign.

The now-acting FBI director’s wife lost the campaign to the Republican incumbent. After the Wall Street Journal reported these findings, then-candidate Trump said, “We’ve never had a thing like this in the history of this country.”

Fortunately, a permanent replacement is being searched for.

The White House announced their search for a new FBI director will begin the beginning of next week.

For now, a far-left FBI director will have to do until a better one is found to serve.

Do you think McCabe will have a negative influence on the FBI because of his far-left views and ties?

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