Joe Biden is riding high in the polls and the fake news media is declaring the election all but over.

However, Democrats just got hit with a major reality check.

A jaw-dropping video exposed one health issue that could end Joe Biden’s campaign.

Donald Trump is beginning to sharpen his attacks on Joe Biden.

During a Fox News town hall event with Sean Hannity, Hannity asked the President for his reaction to Joe Biden falsely claiming at a campaign event that 120 million Americans died from the coronavirus.

For most candidates, Americans would just chalk this up to a simple mistake.

But Biden is not most candidates.

Biden is a 77-year-old man that, every time he speaks in public,causes more Americans to come to the belief he suffers from dementia.

President Trump alluded to this fact when he brought up other examples of Biden’s alleged cognitive decline such as when the former Vice President told a campaign crowd that he was running for Senate in Delaware.

“Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together,” Trump began. “I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak and he is going to be president, because some people don’t love me, maybe.”

The President added that given Biden’s frightening level of cognitive decline, voters had to take Biden saying 120 million Americans died of the coronavirus as a serious issue.

“That’s a serious error. That is not a permissible type of error. There is something going on,” Trump said. “It’s wonderful to say I feel sorry or that’s too bad, because I do, except we are talking about the presidency of the United States, and it is just not acceptable,” the President added.

The President added the real worry about Biden is the radical leftists in Congress that would serve in his administration know that Biden’s mind is gone and they could use him as a puppet to implement their socialist takeover of America.

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“Look, I don’t think that Biden is a radical left, but it doesn’t matter because they’re going to just do whatever they want to do, they’ll take him over,” the President continued. “He can’t perform … he’s shot, whether they like it or not, he’s shot. The radical left is going to take him over.”

“A guy like Biden, he’s not going to have any power to do anything about it, and they’re dragging him,” Trump concluded.

If this election becomes a choice between Biden and Trump rather than a referendum on the President, it becomes difficult to see how the American people would feel comfortable putting someone in the White House a majority of people – according to a brand new Zogby Analytics poll – believe suffers from early onset dementia.

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