Esther Salas never thought that her family would have to pay such a high price for her judicial career.

She may have paid a price for the dangerous case she was looking at.

A high-profile murder has a shocking connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

The fatal shooting that happened at Esther Salas’s home in New Jersey is every parent’s worst nightmare.

On Sunday night, a man posing as a FedEx worker invaded the house of the federal judge, killing her 20-year-old son as he opened the door and wounding her husband.

Just a week prior, Salas had taken over a large case involving Deutsche Bank and the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Judge Esther Salas was just assigned to a lawsuit investors brought against Deutsche Bank.

The complaint alleges that Deutsche Bank “failed to properly monitor customers that the Bank itself deemed to be high risk, including, among others, the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.”

Deutsche Bank AG allegedly “misled investors,” making them believe that they had corrected their problems.

“The bank didn’t tell investors it hadn’t fixed disclosure control problems and wasn’t keeping an appropriate eye on clients like convicted sex offender Epstein and two other banks involved in past financial misconduct scandals, investors alleged Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.” Bloomberg Law reported.

Deutsche Bank was fined $150 million by the New York State Department of Financial Services for “neglecting to flag numerous questionable transactions from accounts associated with Epstein.”

There is no current evidence that the crimes committed against Salas’s family were at all connected to the Epstein case.

“As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any,” Mayor Womack, who is personal friends with the Judge, told ABC News.

It may be difficult to get any answers with the case.

The top suspect in the case is already dead, in an apparent suicide.

Roy Den Hollander was a 72-year-old“anti-feminist” lawyer in a military draftcase. Salas didn’t throw out his case, and instead passed on and allowed it to proceed through the court system.

“Den Hollander was still upset by what he considered to be Salas’ delaying of the case.” The Hill reported. “He complained that she allowed the Department of Justice to file its fourth motion to dismiss it, suggesting she was ‘trying to keep this case in her court until a weatherman showed her which way the legal winds were blowing.’”

It is possible that the attack was the work of a mentally deranged lone wolf with a terminal illness,but hopefully, law enforcement won’t end the investigation here.

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