Fox News Channel has been under fire from the left for years.

But now Fox News is facing a crisis it never thought it would have to deal with.

Now this former popular host blew the whistle on something no one knew about Fox News.

Fox News faced harsh scrutiny from the right after hosts of the program “Outnumbered” refused to allow RINO former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to criticize George Soros for funding the campaigns of left-wing local District Attorneys that are now letting rioters out of prison.

Program host Harris Faulkner apologized the next day for stifling free speech, but it did not stop many on the right from blasting Fox News for caving into the left’s totalitarian thought control regime.

In an interview on Newsmax TV, The Blaze founder and former Fox News host Glenn Beck revealed the extent to which George Soros influenced programming at Fox News.

Beck described a meeting with former Fox News President Roger Ailes when Beck hosted a show on Fox that Beck needed to “play a game.”

“I’ve often told the story of being in Roger Ailes’ office and he said to me at one point ‘you know what your problem is . . . you won’t play the game.’ He said ‘look we all we play a game,'” Beck stated.

Beck explained “play a game” referred to George Soros because Soros could use his might to destroy Fox News financially.

“That conversation was about George Soros,” Beck continued. “They make money on everything that they do. And George Soros has it locked up because he can destroy you.”

Beck also recounted a conversation between a top Soros aide and Beck’s “number two guy” where the Soros aide conveyed that Beck needed to back off criticizing Soros because the Marxist revolution that Soros supported was a runaway train.

“The first thing that was said by the Soros representative was ‘your boss is hurting my boss and it’s going to stop,'” Beck added. “The last thing he said was ‘I don’t think you understand: The ship has sailed. And you’re either on the ship or you’re not.'”

“What he was talking about is the ship that we’re now seeing where this Marxist revolutionary [unrest] that is folding right into the world economics’ great reset,” Beck declared.

Fox News and Beck eventually parted ways after advertiser boycotts began to pile up.

The left’s favored new tactics are speech codes enforced by financial pressure on companies to pull their support from any organization that dissents from left-wing orthodoxy.

Liberal activists will claim any scrutiny of George Soros’ political activities are anti-Semitic and lean on companies to pull their ads from Fox or the left will accuse them of funding bigotry.

And even Fox News – which bills itself as a home to free speech – is cowering in the face of the left’s authoritarian language police.

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