Hillary Clinton went down in defeat in the 2016 general election.

She has all but disappeared from the spotlight since then, leading many to ask what her future plans will be.

Some have predicted a return to office in another capacity, or even backing daughter Chelsea’s possible political ambitions to keep the family dynasty in the forefront of American politics.

But the future of one of Hillary’s pursuits seems to have been decided — it appears she will not likely return to work at the Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation has repeatedly come under fire for everything from special favors to donors, to misappropriation of funds earmarked for charity projects, to being an all-out scam used only to make the Clintons rich.

And it appears that as the luster of the Foundation has worn off, Hillary is further distancing herself from the scrutiny of her work there.

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton’s likely decision comes on the heels of months of negative press about the potential conflicts of interest between the foundation and Clinton. The storylines…created headaches for the nominee. 

Bill Clinton spent months defending the organization he built in his post-presidency life, and he sought to prove that the foundation was above board and transparent on interactions with Hillary Clinton. 

But emails released by WikiLeaks during the tail end of the election cycle showed that campaign advisers were worried about potential conflicts.

[And during the general election,] campaign officials felt as though the Foundation might hurt their candidate in the long term.  

And as more and more accusations against the Clinton Foundation emerge, Hillary is finally making a good decision by seemingly distancing herself from its tarnished image.

Time and again, the Foundation has been proven to fall far short of being the global charitable organization the Clintons claim it to be.

Several actions by the Foundation have been, at the least, dishonest – and at worse, criminal – all under the guise of “charitable” projects.

And several incidents have forever tarnished the crown jewel of the Clinton legacy:

  1. Hillary did not keep the Clinton Foundation separate from her work as Secretary of State, despite signing a legal federal document to do so.
  2. The State Department approved billions of dollars worth of commercial arms sales to nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, and Foundation money was repeatedly given to countries with poor human rights track records, in direct contrast to the supposed function of the Foundation – to help impoverished women and children.
  3. The Clintons also purportedly scammed the people of Haiti after natural disasters suffered by the country in order to benefit Clinton Foundation donors.
  4. And the Foundation raised over $500 million from 2009-2012, yet only spent $75 million on grants for charitable works.

One official even said of the Foundation’s work in Colombia that, “they are doing nothing for workers.  I don’t even know what they are doing in this country other than exploiting poverty and extracting money.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to invite scandal wherever they go, but perhaps following Hillary’s crushing defeat in her bid for the presidency, she may finally understand that it is best to let the Foundation — and her time in the spotlight — fade into the distance.