The riots in cities across America are starting to damage Democrats politically.

This is an unexpected turn of events.

A Democrat hero just crashed her career with seven disastrous words.

The “1619 Project” is a project that was started by The New York Times and was used to teach children in some schools.

One of the most inaccurate claims that the “1619 Project” made was the statement that the Founding Fathers fought the American Revolution to keep slavery.

In 1774, George Washington signed the Fairfax Resolves, which along with proclaiming the rights of the colonies, also condemned the slave trade, saying, “Our earnest wishes to see an entire stop forever put to such wicked, cruel, and unnatural trade.”

He wasn’t fighting to protect slavery and yet the “1619 Project” claimed that he was.

The creator of the project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, decided to change history to make it conform to the narrative that the left wants to push.

Yet that’s not what got her into trouble with Democrats, it was telling a true piece of history.

Nikole Hannah-Jones went on a Twitter rampage this weekend.

She wanted to rename the riots after the “1619 Project” and call them the “1619 Riots.”

Hannah-Jones also posted,“Did you know Native people brought the enslaved black people they owned on the Trail of Tears?”

After backlash, she deleted the tweet.

Paul Chaat Smith, curator of the National Museum of the American Indian, says that Native Americans owning slaves is a “mangy, snarling dog standing between you and a crowd-pleasing narrative.”

“The Five Civilized Tribes were deeply committed to slavery, established their own racialized black codes, immediately reestablished slavery when they arrived in Indian Territory, rebuilt their nations with slave labor, crushed slave rebellions, and enthusiastically sided with the Confederacy in the Civil War.” Smith went on.

That’s not a piece of American history that is comfortable for the left.

They want to condemn Washington, Jefferson and all the other Founding Fathers because they are old, white men.

The Democrats are ready to condemn every historical white man as a villain at this point even if they worked to end slavery.

Hannah-Jones defended the crowds that tore down the statue of President Ulysses S. Grant.

“I think maybe Grant’s is not a statue worth toppling. But I also understand after decades of shrugs when people spoke of the hurt of having been demeaned by public tributes, of entering buildings, of walking past art that celebrated white supremacists, how overzealousness occurs.” Hannah-Jones said.

The left is trying to change history in order for them to justify tearing down our nation’s heritage.

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