The so-called “media” is in full scramble mode to protect Hillary Clinton from any damaging stories because of emails and documents released by WikiLeaks.

Not content to just bury the stories underneath an avalanche of unsubstantiated allegations against Trump, one CNN host concocted a ridiculous new explanation as to why you shouldn’t read the emails released by WikiLeaks.

But there’s one problem. It’s a massive lie.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo claimed it was illegal for regular citizens to possess emails obtained by WikiLeaks, but it was fine for the media.

Critics interpreted Cuomo’s statement as a blatant falsehood meant to discourage individuals from searching the emails on their own and hoping the public would just accept the story as it was being told to them by so-called “mainstream media”.

Lawnewz reports that George Washington University law professor, Jonathan Turley, took to his blog and destroyed Cuomo’s assertion:

“George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley took to his blog to refute the claims that it would be illegal for voters to, basically, read/download the Wikileak emails:

It is true that possession of stolen items is a crime and documents can be treated as stolen items. However, this material has already been released and it is doubtful that downloading widely available material (particularly in a matter of great public interest) would be seen as prosecutable possession. Whoever had original possession has released them widely to the public like throwing copies out a window by the thousands. Whatever crime is alleged, it will be directed at the original hacker and not the public. Just downloading and reading public available material is unlikely to be viewed as a crime unless you use material to steal someone’s identity or commit a collateral crime. Otherwise, possession of the Pentagon Papers would lead to the arrest of tens of thousands of citizens.

More importantly, most people do not download these documents but read them on line and there is no actionable crime in reading the material from any of the myriad of sites featuring the Wikileaks documents.”

Turley’s blog may not have reached the intended audience, so WikiLeaks’ official Twitter feed made sure their followers knew Cuomo was spouting falsehoods.

WikiLeaks has dropped explosive revelations in the middle of Hillary’s campaign.

Because of their work, Americans have learned Hillary Clinton was provided debate questions in advance, the news media worked in collusion with her campaign to tee-up stories and rig the narrative of the election in her favor, as well as publicizing the contents of the paid speeches she gave to bankers where she called for open borders and revealed she has both public and private positions on issues.

So it’s no wonder news outlets want to suppress the story.

“Mainstream” media has settled on the idea that their purpose in this election isn’t to inform the public or report the facts.

Alleged “journalists” – and the corporate media they work for – are waging an all-out war on Donald Trump in effort to defeat his candidacy.

Will they succeed?

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