Barack_Obama_and_John_Boehner_enjoying_Saint_Patrick's_Day_2014Since 1990, John Boehner has been a member of Congress. Throughout his career he’s been elected 12 times, and has served as Speaker of the House since 2011.

On September 25, 2015 he announced he was retiring from Congress. Pundits took to the airwaves to praise his “conservative” record while others bid him good riddance.

During Boehner’s reign, he’s demonstrated a track-record of stabbing conservatives in the back at every turn.

Below is a list of Boehner’s top 5 moments:

  1. Boehner called conservatives “false prophets”. While some conservative Members in Congress were working hard to push their colleagues to end Obamacare, Boehner claimed it couldn’t be done. Instead of showing leadership, he caved, time and time again.  He cast the blame on his fellow colleagues and even went as far as to call them “false prophets.” You can check out the interview clip from Face the Nation here.


  1. Boehner punished conservatives who voted against him. Throughout his career, Boehner has the long-standing reputation of punishing those who vote against him by removing them from positions of leadership or off key committees. The Hill references the time he kicked Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Steve Pearce (R-NM), and Trent Franks (R-AZ) off the GOP’s vote-counting operation because they voted against a procedural ruling Boehner wanted. Politico’s article “Boehner takes revenge” references the instance when Boehner kicked Daniel Webster (R-FL) and Richard Nugent (R-FL) off the Rules Committee because Webster challenged Boehner for speaker. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) said it best when he was denied his seat on the Agriculture Committee for voting against Boehner.


“I am already hearing from my colleagues, and myself, about retaliation against those who voted their conscience, their constituents, their principles, to change the status quo,” Huelskamp said. “My colleagues fully expect that. That’s what they expect out of this leadership team.”


  1. Boehner calls Ted Cruz a “jackass”. In a juvenile manner, Boehner took to the floor at a Colorado fundraiser and referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a “jackass” and smirked that he liked how Cruz’s campaign kept him out of Washington, The Daily Caller


  1. Boehner teamed up with Nancy Pelosi. In March of 2015, the House passed the Department of Homeland Security bill which gave tax dollars to fund Obama’s executive amnesty. Breitbart points out the ONLY way Boehner was able to get the bill passed was to team up with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). This vote was so contentious, 167 House Republicans rightfully voted against the bill to fund amnesty.


  1. Boehner betrayed Gun Owners. As Speaker, John Boehner has the ability to decide what legislation gets brought to the floor. Second Amendment supporters were concerned at his eagerness to allow gun-control measures to be brought up for a vote. In fact, not only did Boehner allow anti-gun bills to be brought to the floor, in 2104 Boehner worked with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to pass a bill with several anti-gun provisions.

Boehner’s decades of terror are coming to an end. As Speaker, he’s routinely used his power to punish those who disagree with him, and caved on issues conservatives hold dear. With Speaker Boehner’s departure, Conservative Members of Congress will now have the chance to elect a real Conservative Speaker.