Democrats who think believe that because they dominate the media, it’s reason to discount the threat of a populist-styled conservative movement taking over is inconceivable should be nervous.

Not only are their candidates likely going to eat each other in the run up to the 2020 election…

New polling data suggests that the conservative movement is growing and that Democrats are becoming an increasingly small minority.

More States Are “Conservative”

The Gallup organization recently published a Gallup study that shows there are only 6 states that are more liberal than conservative. 25 states are shown to be “more conservative than liberal.”

And of those 25 states, 19 of them are thought to be “highly conservative.”

Gallup writes:

“These findings are based on aggregated data from Gallup’s 2018 tracking poll in which respondents were asked to indicate whether they describe their political views as liberal, moderate or conservative,” a Gallup news release stated.

“States in which the conservative-liberal gap is 20 points or greater are considered ‘highly conservative.’ The ‘more conservative than average’ states have gaps of between 15 and 19 points. ‘About average’ states’ residents prefer the conservative description by seven to 14 points, and those with gaps of zero to six points are considered ‘less conservative than average.’”

Alarmingly (at least for liberals), there wasn’t a single state that could be identified as “highly liberal.”

The most liberal state was Massachusetts where 35% of the respondents said they were highly liberal and 21% said they were “highly conservative.”

The minuscule difference indicates a culture of homogenization liberals can’t deny.

Plus, Most People Support Trump

In addition to discovering that most states are highly conservative, the Gallup poll also found there’s much higher support for Trump than the media is inclined to report.

They wrote, “President Donald Trump’s job approval rating varied widely across the U.S. states in 2018, with 17 states giving him ratings of 50% or higher, and 16 states giving him ratings below 40%. The states most approving of Trump were generally in the South and Mountain West areas of the country, while he fared most poorly in New England and on the West Coast.”

According to the media who disingenuously reports on Trump’s approval rating, you’d think Trump was the least popular president of all time.
Such an argument cannot be made in light of the recently collected evidence.

Trump only became more popular in 2018.

In 2017, Trump had approval of 50% or higher in 12 states — five fewer than in 2018 — and approval below 40% in 17 states — one more than in 2018. Those shifts reflect the modest improvement this past year in his approval ratings nationally, from 38% in 2017 to 40% in 2018.”

Liberals should start biting their nails because the future doesn’t look good for them.