Emma: Master Shredder from ABC Open North Queensland on Vimeo.

Don’t underestimate the power of perseverance.

Emma Lynam, a 21 year old born with Down syndrome, autism, hearing loss, and a cleft palate has defeated all odds.

Her mother, Jo Lynam hoped her daughter would learn essential skills such as reading and writing in order to find a job. But because of her disabilities, this was never realized.

Instead of letting her disability defeat her spirit, Emma fought back and pursued her dreams.

Emma’s mother explained during school that the children were often given the chance to practice office skills, and Emma was fascinated with using the paper shredder.  It became her favorite activity and the only thing she wanted to do!

Emma took her passion and turned it into something huge.

Due to her persistence, energy, and unwavering passion, Emma decided to open up her own business doing what she loved… shredding classified documents!

It was the perfect fit.

You see, Emma took her passion and made it a reality, and that’s more than a lot of people can say.

According to ABC North Queensland,  Emma’s persistence has allowed her to run her own business and has four clients including a credit union.

Children born with Down syndrome are often written off by society as they are seen as never being able to contribute. The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte lists several myths that have now been debunked such as “Most people with Down syndrome are institutionalized” or “Adults with Down syndrome are unemployable.”

Emma alone has shown these stereotypes and myths are simply not true!

In a story by IJ Review there is a quote from Jo Lynam, Emma’s mother:

“I just cannot speak enough about how gratifying as a mum it is to see my daughter… feel fulfilled, that she’s doing something, and making a difference in her own life. Making her way like any other 21-year-old.”