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Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is on the ropes.

A disastrous debate performance turned him from the inevitable frontrunner into a candidate fighting for his political life.

Things only got worse when Joe Biden held the results of one poll in his hand that made his blood run cold.

The post debate polling showed Joe Biden’s numbers plunging.

Democrats were turned off by Biden’s low-energy and scatterbrained performance.

Biden’s weak answers and inability to think on his feet raised questions about his competency and age.

The latest poll of Democrats continued the bleak picture.

A brand new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Biden leading Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren 26 percent to 19 percent.

But the horse race numbers were not the real story of this poll.

One of the poll’s internal questions delivered the most revealing look at the actual state of the race.

Very few voters have made up their minds about which candidate they are supporting.

So polls about who’s up and who’s down provide for entertaining cable news chatter, but not for an informed look at the state of the race.

Questions about what voters are looking for do give political analysts a better idea of the true shape of the race.

And one question in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is bad news for Joe Biden.

Biden’s pitch to voters is that he is the candidate that can work the system to achieve the type of incremental results that members of the establishment deal in.

But over half of Democrat voters – 54 percent – want a candidate that will push for bold, socialist policies even if they stand no chance of the President signing them into law.

Elizabeth Warren is the clear favorite of this large cohort of Democrats.

NBC News exclusively reported on the findings of their poll that:

Fifty-four percent of Democratic primary voters say they prefer a nominee who proposes larger-scale policies that might cost more and be harder to pass — but could still result in major change.

Among these voters, Warren leads the pack (at 29 percent), followed by Sanders (18 percent), Biden (16 percent) and Harris (14 percent).

By contrast, just 41 percent of Democrats admit they are willing to settle for a candidate that won’t fight to impose socialism and change the system.

NBC News also exclusively reported that the poll showed:

By contrast, 41 percent of Democratic primary voters say they want a nominee who pushes for smaller-scale policies that cost less and might be easier to pass — but that bring less change.

And among these voters, Biden holds a substantial lead (at 35 percent), followed by Harris (14 percent), Buttigieg (8 percent) and Sanders (7 percent).

This number shows Biden’s perch as the race’s frontrunner coming out of the debate is even shakier than imagined.

If Elizabeth Warren – or some other Democrat – can consolidate the support of Democrats that want to see massive change in America and win just enough of the voters that want incremental change, that candidate will defeat Biden for the Democrat nomination.

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