Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton has one scandal in her history that she needs to keep hidden.

But a public message has let the whole world know Hillary Clinton’s awful secret.

And someone called out Hillary Clinton for this mysterious death that had everyone talking.

Hillary Clinton has kept hinting that she would like to jump into the presidential race but she hasn’t been able to take the plunge.

There is one big reason that she has no shot at being president.

The #MeToo movement has been bad for the Clintons.

Bill Clinton said on TV that he didn’t feel like he needed to apologize to the young unpaid intern he seduced while he was President of the United States.

And it gets even worse.

Bill Clinton has three women who have accused him of harassment and one woman who has made a credible allegation of rape.

The fact is Hillary Clinton knew about these women and worked to protect her husband’s career instead of listening to the victims.

What is even more damning is the Clintons’ close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein who was a well-known pedophile who would traffic underage girls to his rich friends for their amusement.

The public has refused to accept the fact that Epstein committed suicide just before he could spill the beans and tell the police information that could implicate the Clintons.

It is a well-known fact that people near the Clintons have a tendency to commit suicide.

But no other suspicious death has received such widespread attention as Epstein’s.

A new incident of vandalism at an art gallery has drawn more attention to Epstein’s untimely death and was a better piece of artwork than the $120,000 banana taped to the wall that had been there before.

According to the Daily Wire:

The banana piece, crafted by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and titled “Comedian,” drew headlines when it was sold to a French collector for $120,000. Cattelan made news earlier this year when another artwork, an 18-karat solid gold working toilet titled “America,” was stolen by burglars from its exhibit in Britain’s Blenheim Palace.

Over the weekend, artist David Datuna walked up to the exhibit, pulled the banana off the wall, and ate it. He said he was doing an “art performance” and called himself a “hungry artist.” Of course it was all caught on video.

“I love Maurizio Cattelan artwork and I really love this installation,” he later captioned a post on his Instagram page. “It’s very delicious.”

In the video, gallery Director Peggy Leboeuf can be heard asking, “Are you kidding? This is so stupid.”

“No,” Datuna says.

Leboeuf told the BBC that Datuna was asked to leave the exhibit but not arrested. “We can go further, but I don’t think we will,” she said.

Then Roderick Webber, 46, from Massachusetts, used the empty wall space for his own work of art, writing in red lipstick: “Epstein [sic] didn’t kill himself.”

Webber was quickly arrested. As he was escorted out of the Miami Beach gallery, he shouted: “If someone can eat the $120,000 banana and not get arrested, why can’t I write on the wall?” the Daily Mail reported.

Webber got in trouble because the liberals who run the art gallery don’t want to cause the Clintons any embarrassment.

Do you think that the authorities will start to take notice and take a closer look at Epstein’s death because of the publicity?

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