Adam Schiff’s secret impeachment court is a slap in the face to the rule of law.

He is making the rules, and keeping everything away from the public’s eye.

But now Schiff is freaking out at one demand a Trump ally sent him.

Adam Schiff truly believes he is above the law.

He is preventing Republicans from having any power in his secret impeachment court, which could decide whether President Trump is removed from office.

When Republicans tried to enter the courtroom, Schiff was so furious that he shut it down until they left.

He clearly is trying to hide something.

And allies of President Trump are working to find out what that is.

Rep. Jim Jordan, who is the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, is taking the lead in that fight.

He has already sent a number of demand letters to Schiff for accountability, along with condemning him for some of his egregious behavior.

One of his most recent letters hammered Schiff over the fact that he backed out on his promise to bring the so-called “whistleblower” forward to testify in front of his court.

That’s why Jordan is now requesting that he have access to the committee, which he stated in an interview with Fox News.

“That’s Leader [Kevin] McCarthy’s call. If [he] and ranking member [Devin] Nunes wants that to happen — I just want to help our team,” Jordan said. “I want to help the country see the truth here, that President Trump didn’t do anything wrong. And what the Democrats are doing is partisan, it’s unfair and frankly, it’s ridiculous.”

“One of the ways you determine someone’s credibility… they need to be under oath,” he added. “Remember when this first happened, Adam Schiff said we need to hear from the whistleblower. And then, six weeks later he says, no, no, no we don’t. One thing happened in that six-week time frame — namely, we learned Adam Schiff’s staff had met with the whistleblower. Once that fact came out, they suddenly changed their story.”

If Jordan can grill Schiff when he is under oath, it will be extremely damaging for the impeachment hoax.

Schiff has been lying constantly.

First he lied about his contact with the “whistleblower,” and about the fact that he knew his identity before his complaint was filed.

And then, of course he lied about his intentions to bring the “whistleblower” before his impeachment court.

After all, he knew that his complaint was weak at best.

His goal ultimately is to find any other possible charges, such as obstruction to force on Trump.

That is exactly what they did during the Russia hoax.

Once it was clear that Mueller couldn’t find collusion, they moved on to search for possible charges relating to obstruction.

These are the sort of questions Jordan would bring before Schiff.

Do you think Jim Jordan should be moved to Schiff’s impeachment court?

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