NFL players continued to disrespect the flag and the country by kneeling for the national anthem.

The racist and anti-American protests have enraged Americans and are causing fans to abandon the game.

But one team just crossed a red line with their anthem protests.

Before the Monday Night Football contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Redskins, three Chiefs players knelt or sat for the playing of the national anthem.

What infuriated fans was that prior to the anthem, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas.

The three Chiefs players could not bother to stand for the anthem and honor the men and women of law enforcement – especially after police in Las Vegas put a stop to the deadliest shooting in American history.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Fans have expressed fury after three Kansas City Chiefs players sat or kneeled during the national anthem on a day of mourning for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre. 

The flag flew at half-staff at Arrowhead Field in Kansas City, Missouri as the Chiefs played the Washington Redskins on Monday, less than 24 hours after 59 people were killed in the concert shooting.

ESPN, which had said it didn’t plan to broadcast the pre-game anthem for the Monday Night Football matchup, reversed course out of reverence for the national tragedy.

Despite the solemn occasion, Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters and linebacker Ukeme Eligwe remained seated for the anthem, while linebacker Justin Houston knelt in apparent prayer. “

Fans on social media were furious at the show of disrespect.

The three Chiefs players who refused to stand for the anthem in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre proves that players are lying when they blabber about how their protests have nothing to do with the flag or the anthem and are about unity.

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