Robert Mueller is about to pull the trigger.

The special counsel is preparing to indict a Trump supporter as part of his master plan to destroy the President.

But no one could believe Mueller would take it as far as he did.

Jerome Corsi Reveals Robert Mueller Will Indict Him

Investigative journalist Jerome Corsi testified three times before Robert Mueller’s grand jury.

Mueller made Corsi a key figure in his scheme to frame the President for Russian collusion.

The special counsel believes Corsi had advanced knowledge of the WikiLeaks email releases.

Mueller is trying to fabricate the story that Corsi passed the information about the hacked emails onto Roger Stone – who then gave it to the Trump campaign.

That is how Mueller will claim the Trump team “colluded” with the Russians.

On his podcast, Corsi claimed that Mueller’s team informed him they will indict him in the coming days.

“I fully anticipate that in the next few days I will be indicted by Mueller for some form or another for giving false information the special counsel or the grand jury,” Corsi stated.

“But I’m going to be criminally charged,” he continued.

Corsi explained that he cooperated with Mueller’s team by turning over two laptops and his emails.

But journalists claim Mueller caught him in a perjury trap.

“I had nothing to hide, I feel like I’ve committed no crimes,” he stated.

Critics question why Mueller threw the book at Corsi.

They believe Mueller is getting revenge on Corsi for his role in pushing the theory that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore ineligible to serve as President.

Jerome Corsi Denies Collusion

Corsi denied colluding with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

He revealed that he never met Assange, nor had anyone put him in touch with the WikiLeaks founder.

“To the best of my recollection, I never met Julian Assange. To the best of my recollection, I never had anyone connect me to Julian Assange,” Corsi declared.

Corsi then went to describe Mueller’s underhanded tactics.

“The way this game of perjury trap is played, it’s impossible, the first 20 minutes you’ve got a perjury trap,” he began.

Corsi continued, “We did try to cooperate, and I thought I did a pretty good job of it, until it just all blows apart.”

“Now I’m going to have to go to prison the rest of my life because I dared to oppose the Deep State,” Corsi finished.

Roger Stone released a statement to the Daily Caller expressing his sympathy for Corsi.

He also noted that Corsi was not being charged for conspiring with the Russians nor that Corsi had provided any evidence that Stone colluded with WikiLeaks on the emails dumps.

“Where is the Russian collusion? Where is the Wikileaks collaboration? Where is proof that I knew about the theft or content of John Podesta’s emails or the content or the source of any of the allegedly hacked or stolen e-mails published by Wikileaks?” Stone wrote in a statement to the Daily Caller.

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