William BarrThe Democrats are breaking the country in half to take down Donald Trump.

They’re using gutter tactics that are deeply disturbing for the American people who are paying attention.

But Attorney General William Barr rained on their parade and delivered some earth-shattering news for the Democrats.

Donald Trump is a successful President, and the Democrats can’t stand it.

They would rather see Americans fail if it meant sticking it to Trump somehow.

That’s why they’re downplaying Trump’s accomplishments, or downright distracting the American public from them.

That’s what the impeachment sham is all about.

It’s a way to generate negative news cycles about Trump on a daily basis.

But their last potential impeachment inquiry over Trump supposedly colluding with the Russians to steal the 2016 election went up in smoke.

The genesis of that Russian collusion investigation is a topic Democrats don’t want to be explored, which is why they’re banging the impeachment drum so hard right now.

However, Attorney General William Barr wants answers about the Russian hoax.

And the first step of getting them came from the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, whose IG report couldn’t leave the news cycle fast enough for Democrats.

The Democrats are harping on the fact that the IG report said there was a basis for launching an investigation, but they’re ignoring the fact that Horowitz said that was a very low bar to clear, and there were several mistakes and irregularities that required further investigation.

And AG Barr and DOJ investigator John Durham are on the case.

So while disgraced former FBI Director James Comey does yet another victory lap after yet another withering IG report assailing his actions, Barr’s and Durham’s investigation could spell doom for the Democrats.

The IG report was simply the appetizer for a full meal that could be on its way.

Several members in the intelligence community lawyered up once word got out that Durham’s investigation was expanding.

Predictably, Democrats are now attacking the character of both these men.

Prior to their digging into malfeasance that could put the Obama administration right in the crosshairs, both Barr and Durham were well respected DOJ officials with sterling records and bipartisan praise.

But now they’re labeled “hacks” because they’re finding out about all of the corruption that was going on during the Obama administration.

It’s becoming more clear by the day that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

The Inspector-General doesn’t have subpoena power, and his investigation wasn’t a sprawl.

He had a very narrow focus that will be further explored in Barr’s investigation.

So Democrats can knock the IG story off the front page with the impeachment hoax and claim that the report got deep state operatives off the hook, but that’s not the case and Barr and Durham have all but said it.

Now it’s just a matter of time before Barr and Durham drop the hammer on the Obama administration and a number of deep state officials.