Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were moving in for the kill on Donald Trump.

Liberals thought they were about to get their hands on the smoking gun that would bring down the Trump Presidency.

But William Barr just destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s life with this one letter.

Democrats made getting their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns a central point of their presidential harassment.

Elected Democrats and their allies in the fake news fumed during the campaign that Donald Trump refused to make his tax returns public.

Making tax returns public is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Failed 1968 Republican candidate George Romney was the first to do so, meaning from 1920 to 1964, Presidential candidates did not make their tax returns public.

The left began to float conspiracy theories about why Trump did not reveal his tax returns.

Maxine Waters and others believe the returns show money laundering for the Russians that prove the Trump campaign was in cahoots with Russia.

Others allege they will show Trump committed bank fraud by artificially inflating or deflating his net worth to get better terms on loans.

That’s why when Democrats took over Congress, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal invoked an obscure – and rarely used – 1920s law to request the Treasury Department hand over six years worth of Trump’s tax returns.

Neal claimed Congress needed the President’s tax returns to evaluate how the IRS audits Presidential returns since Trump said he could not release his returns due to them being under audit.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin rejected this request.

In anticipation of a looming court battle, Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice produced a legal memo explaining the Treasury’s decision.

The Justice Department argued the Democrats requested the returns under false pretenses – they had legitimate legislative purpose for wanting Trump’s tax returns – but they only wanted them to make the returns public.

“The Chairman did not explain why, if the Committee were sincerely interested in understanding how the IRS audits presidential tax returns, he needed to review President Trump’s tax returns for many years before his presidency. Nor did the Chairman request any information concerning the IRS’s actual policies or practices governing presidential audits or the audit histories for any President other than President Trump,” the Justice Department memo read.

“In view of these marked discrepancies in the public record, Treasury, quite reasonably, concluded that Chairman Neal had not articulated the real reason for his request. The Chairman’s request that Treasury turn over the President’s tax returns, for the apparent purpose of making them public, amounted to an unprecedented use of the Committee’s authority and raised a serious risk of abuse,” the letter continued.

Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats fumed.

This letter now ensures a lengthy court battle that could stretch beyond the 2020 elections at which point the tax returns would do the Democrats no good.

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