William Barr hasn’t been in the news as much lately.

Probably because he’s busy doing real work and finding out who started the rumors about Trump being involved with the Russians.

But William Barr is livid after being accused of engaging in this criminal action.

All Barr has ever done while serving his country as the Attorney General is go after the truth.

But his adversaries can’t stand that.

Instead, they look at him and see a man being played by Trump—or a man playing for “Team Trump” by using the Department of Justice to swing things in his favor.

They’re concerned Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation will open the door for more Russian meddling, which they think he’s doing on purpose.

Of course, that would be illegal if true.

But ex-CIA, ex-DOJ, and leading Democrat members have complained to sources and to the media about their concerns.

They believe the outcome of the 2020 election will swing in Trump’s favor because Barr’s investigation will make Trump look like the victim of a coup.

That kind of publicity will cast a favorable light on Trump and may increase the chances he’s elected.

One of those making a stink is John Sipher, who was heavily involved in the CIA’s National Clandestine Services (even working in the Russia operations sector).

Sipher accused Barr of aiding Trump in putting forth a false narrative about the Russian investigation.

“Trump with Barr’s help is trying to craft a narrative of a coup aimed at his campaign,” Sipher said.

“The attorney general has shown a willingness to play ball with Trump. Barr has been willing to back up Trump.”

These accusations are baseless.

No matter how many times it needs to be repeated, the Mueller report simply did not satisfy the Department of Justice’s demands for evidence of criminal charges to be brought against the President.

And now the President’s enemies are trying to castigate Barr and tarnish his reputation to make the President look bad.

Barr has every right to be furious.

While people like Sipher say Barr is “hunting for scapegoats,” he’s actually dedicating his time and energy to finding out how 2 years of “investigating” and millions of tax dollars resulted in a mealy-mouthed report that didn’t prove anything about collusion with Russia.

Truthfully, if the Mueller report had never been a thing, it may have been better for the Democrats—and Trump’s opponents realize this.

Regarding Barr’s new investigation, Sipher said, “Even if nothing is found they’ve spun up their [political] base. There’s no downside.”

Perhaps Barr can count that as a win?

Or perhaps he won’t, as Barr doesn’t have allegiance to a President.

The only thing he’s committed to is the truth.