Nancy Pelosi is attempting to pull off the most sinister power play in American political history.

Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat allies are carefully laying a trap to impeach Donald Trump.

But Attorney General William Barr has this trick up his sleeve that will obliterate Nancy Pelosi for good.

The last ditch effort of Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress to impeach the President is to drag special counsel Robert Mueller before House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s kangaroo court for public testimony.

Democrats and their partners in the media believe that Mueller will keep the cloud surrounding obstruction of justice hovering over President Trump by testifying that he could not “exonerate” the President of those charges.

Pelosi hinted that the Democrats were playing a long game in regards to impeachment during an interview with Robert Costa at a Washington Post Live event.

Costa had asked Pelosi if she thought Trump had committed an impeachable offense.

At first she tried to brush off the question.

“Well, we don’t know that he has yet. Let’s take it one step at a time, let’s see where it goes. And I have said the president is goading us into, wants to goad us into impeachment because he knows, as do I, that that’s not a good thing for the country,” Pelosi began.

But as Pelosi started to ramble, she revealed her true colors by saying Trump’s actions were “self-impeachable” and that even the Watergate scandal did not reach a critical mass enough to force Nixon’s resignation until two years later.

“But the point is is that every single day, whether it’s obstruction obstruction obstruction obstruction of having people come to the table with facts, or ignoring subpoenas, every single day the president is making a case. He’s becoming self-impeachable, in terms of some of the things that he is doing,” Pelosi added.

“Let me just say that right now, we have our committees doing the investigation. But since you mentioned 1974, at that time, Congress took months, months to build a case,” Speak Pelosi concluded.

But if Democrats were hoping Mueller’s testimony would be a silver bullet, they received a rude awakening.

Mueller is still a Justice Department employee.

And that means it is up to Attorney General William Barr to decide if Mueller testifies.

“I’m going to leave that up to our very great attorney general. He’ll make a decision on that,” Trump told reporters.

But Barr could end this charade swiftly by allowing Mueller to testify.

For now, Mueller has been able to hide behind his allies in the media casting aspersions toward Trump and William Barr on his behalf.

But if Mueller testifies, he will be forced under oath to confirm that he told Attorney General Barr that he did not find anything inaccurate in his summary.

Mueller will also have to testify the exact time when the special counsel’s office concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Trump’s lawyers suspect Mueller knew there was no collusion as early as late 2017, but the special counsel dragged on the witch hunt for another 15 months to try and damage the President.

Finally, members of Congress will grill Mueller as to why he violated Justice Department protocol and included derogatory information about President Trump in the obstruction of justice volume if he was not going to charge him with a crime.

Mueller testifying will be the final straw that proves once-and-for-all that the emperor has no clothes.

And it will drive the last nail into the coffin of Russian collusion and Pelosi’s impeachment plans.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.