William BarrAttorney General William Barr is on the frontlines of the biggest fight in American politics right now.

How Barr handles this situation could decide the trajectory of American politics for a generation.

And William Barr was just asked to do one thing that could end his career for good.

President Trump shocked many supporters when he called for new gun control in the wake of the shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

The President stated support for new background checks and red flag confiscation orders.

“It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately,” Trump declared in a White House address announcing his intention to take action to combat mass shootings.

But in the past, legislation to create a national firearms registration database –which is what background checks do – died in the face of a grassroots tsunami of opposition.

Gun owners made it clear there was to be no compromise on the fundamental right to keep and bear arms and members of Congress backed down out of fear of losing their seats.

RINOs inside the White House and in the D.C. swamp realize this and they are prodding President Trump to take executive action.

And they have convinced him that Attorney General William Barr is the man who can allow President Trump to impose gun control via executive fiat.

Politico exclusively reported:

A second administration official said Trump has “tremendous respect” for Barr and is looking to him for counsel. It’s no coincidence, the official said, that Trump specifically mentioned Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or red-flag laws, in his remarks Monday. (Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee in January that advancing ERPOs was “the single most important” action Congress could take “in the gun control area.”)

When Barack Obama was President and Obama threatened to enact gun control through executive order, private citizen Donald Trump blasted Obama on social media.

“This is how it starts. Obama is now threatening to use an Executive Order for gun control Welcome to his 2nd term,” President Trump tweeted after Obama announced his support for a national gun registration database scheme after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Trump was correct in 2013 when he stated that a gun registration database was the first step to confiscation.

The reason gun grabbers support background checks is so there is a record of every gun purchase in America.

If the gun grabbers ever got the votes for full-on confiscation, they would force all firearms dealers to turn over the records of background checks to the government so federal officers would know who owns what guns and how many before bursting through their door to confiscate them at gunpoint.

Trump supporters are hoping the President junks his current stance on gun control and goes back to the pro-Second Amendment stance he held in 2013.

American Patriot Daily will continue to monitor any new developments in this ongoing story.