William BarrAttorney General William Barr is Trump’s top ally in his fight to take down the deep state.

Democrats want nothing more than to take Barr down before he can take them down.

That’s why Barr put the deep state on notice with an announcement that terrifies them.

President Donald Trump nominated William Barr as Attorney General for a reason.

Not only is he the most qualified, with past experience as Attorney General under George H.W. Bush, but he has a reputation for being fearless.

That’s why one of his first decisions after taking his position was to form an investigation into the origins of FISA abuse during the 2016 election.

He has Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the case in the investigation that has the likelihood to destroy numerous deep state officials.

And now it is known exactly what date that investigation will be released.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Sen. Lindsey Graham revealed that the investigation will be released on December 9th.

“It’ll be December the 9. You’ll get the report,” Graham confidently said, before adding, “That’s locked.”

Graham previously announced that Horowitz will be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, on December 11th.

“Mr. Horowitz will be appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Dec. 11, where he will deliver a detailed report of what he found regarding his investigation, along with recommendations as to how to make our judicial and investigative systems better,” the South Carolina Republican said. “I look forward to hearing from him. He is a good man that has served our nation well.”

With the testimony on the 11th, it will give Americans the ability to review the Barr-authorized report two days before they hear from Horowitz.

While this investigation is long-awaited, it is far from Barr’s final move.

He also has U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is most known for taking down FBI agents with ties to the mob, leading an investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax.

Horowitz’s investigation will assist Durham in his investigation, which will be released at a later date to be determined.

Durham’s investigation is an all-out criminal inquiry at this point and has caused many agents within the CIA to obtain personal legal counsel, according to reports.

A source speaking to Fox News claims that Horowitz’s report will shed light on why Durham’s investigation is a criminal inquiry at this point.

Not much other information is known about the investigation.

Unlike Democrat investigations, Barr has been able to avoid any leaks coming out, which means that the results of this investigation will be a surprise to all.

But the small hints that have come out show that it will be devastating to the deep state.

For decades they have operated with impunity.

But now Trump is fighting back against them, and digging up all of their dirty laundry.

Do you think William Barr will end the deep state?

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