No one is going to blame Trump supporters for thinking Trump is a shoo-in for the Presidency in 2020.

At present, there’s no one in the Republican Party who could run against him, and the Democrats have propped up at least 20 potential candidates that it seems impossible to believe that any one of them could ever separate themselves enough to win out in the next election.

While those thoughts hold water… the truth is there is one Democrat running for President that could stand a chance at beating Trump.

That is the female “Barak Obama” AKA Kamala Harris.

Why Kamala Harris Is In The Leading Position

The truth of the matter is those involved with Democrat politics see Harris as the clear frontrunner because out of those who’ve already pledged to win; Harris is polling the best.

Though she’s trailed Biden and Sanders in several polls, neither Sanders or Biden has made an official bid for President.

And the rest of the competitors including, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand and Andrew Yang are trailing Harris in popular opinion polls.

There’s also the fact that in Iowa, an Emerson College poll shows her only behind Biden among caucus-goers.

Harris Has Star Power

Kamala Harris has the same kind of star power Barak Obama had when he was running for President in 2008.

Harris has only been in the Senate for a few years, winning her seat back in 2016, but she has all the right things going for her in terms of winning the affections of liberal and independent voters.

She’s well-spoken, good-looking, a female, and she’s black.

Many of the same qualities that lead to the election of Barak Obama in 2008.

Plus, many believe that she did a great job of getting her campaign front and center early on while other candidates lagged behind.

Amie Parnes writes:

“Democrats attribute her strong standing to a relatively seamless launch last month.

They say Harris largely beat her competitors to the punch in announcing a full-blown presidential campaign and capitalizing on the momentum which followed.

‘There’s always been this motto, ‘You have one day to launch and you have to get it right,’ and Kamala crushed it,” said Robert Wolf, the prominent Democratic donor. ‘It’s the day that you have all the media buzz, the grass roots excitement and to tell your story. That is the one day all eyes are on you and she hit out of the ballpark.’

Maria Cardona, the Democratic strategist added: ‘She differentiates herself with her impeccable timing’”

‘The others, unfair as it might seem, look like followers and like they are saying to themselves, ‘Oh, I better get in now before she gets all the attention,’ Cardona said. ‘It doesn’t mean that the others had bad launches, but it just means that she still stands out.’”

In this crazy world of politics, it’s entirely possible Harris could actually win… as unenjoyable as that may seem.