texasIn a recent article your American Patriot Daily argued it was time for Texas Governor Rick Perry to stand up and secure the border.

Governor Perry tried to convince Fox News that he is attempting to do that, but his actions are more smoke than fire.

Governor Perry met with the President in Texas and spoke with him privately, but could not convince President Obama to fly three hours south to the border to witness the crisis first-hand.

Perry argues that it is important for the President to view the crisis not only as a father, but as a President, assuring the nation that he is dealing with a security crisis.

Governor Perry also believes that it would send a powerful message to families in Central American countries to stop sending their children to the border if President Obama would fulfill his oath of office to secure the border with the National Guard.

Perry told Sean Hannity last week that President Obama needs to act now to stop the surge of illegal immigrants flooding across his state’s border, calling it “a humanitarian crisis that he has the ability to stop.”

Busloads of children crossing the border are indeed not only a humanitarian crisis, but a national security crisis as well.

It is not only innocent children and mothers crossing the border in hopes of a better life, but the surge of illegal immigrants is a vehicle for terrorists of all stripes and colors to cross the border and embed themselves into society and then wreak havoc.

Quite frankly, Governor Perry’s actions are disheartening. Time is of the essence and it is time for the Governor to lead by example and secure the border himself.

In fact, the governor boldly proclaimed that Texans can show Obama how to secure the border because they have done it in the past by themselves.

If that is so, then why not do it again, Governor Perry?

All governors already have the authority to declare an emergency and call out the National Guard. Governor Perry should immediately order the Texas State Guard to the border and then follow up with the declaration of an emergency and call out the National Guard as well.

If Obama somehow blocks the National Guard from assisting the Texas State Guard, Governor Perry has another option: Perry could use the militia. There are well-regulated militias organized in states across the nation.

Many state militias would respond to a call by Texas to secure the border because this is a crisis facing every state.

There are reports that busloads of illegal immigrants will be bussed not only to California, but to other states as well.

All Governor Perry has to do is stipulate that the militias must come under the authority and direction of the Texas State Guard and then enforce it.

Sadly, the only thing Governor Perry plans to do next is to tour the border with Sean Hannity, creating another news story.

It’s bad enough President Obama refused to tour the problem first-hand, but the spectacle of Governor Perry doing photo ops and news reports instead of acting as a leader worries me.

Governor Perry accuses the President of creating political theater, but then does the same himself.

Hopefully, Perry will hear a loud message of frustration from all across America – beginning in Texas – and put his money where his mouth is and act before it is too late.

Obama told Perry he is open to the governor’s suggestions, but does not think it is anything other than a temporary fix.

Obama then gave a speech mocking the call for more border security, but that is to be expected of “Drama-King” Obama.

What is incompetent Obama’s solution?

The President called on Congress to approve the more than $3 billion in emergency funds he requested to help with the crisis, but Perry claimed less than $100 million of those funds would be going toward border security.

“It’s the same President that said Al-Qaeda’s on the run and I don’t know whether he’s inept, or there’s something else going on, as I’ve said before,” Perry said.

“But the fact is, the border is not secure.”

You are right, Governor. The border is not secure and the president is derelict in duty. Get over it. Stand up and lead or step down and let the Texas Lt. Governor deal with the crisis.