Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.01.06 PMIn the wake of the confederate flag controversy that occurred after the Charleston shooting as well as the Rainbow flag controversy following the ruling on gay marriage the U.S. flag has somehow remained unfazed.

It still flies as proud as ever, even though America looks markedly different than it did a few years ago.

Sure, liberal chumps all around the United States continue to tread on it and burn it with disregard, but surprisingly most Americans continue to hold Old Glory in high esteem.

So why did 2 churches in North Carolina decide they were going to put a relic from the past above old glory?

Well as the pastors maintain, it’s because they want to call Christians across the country together to unite in a declaration of faith.

The flag they’re flying is the “Christian flag.” Created in 1897, this flag is meant to be a banner for Christians to commemorate faith.

The flag shares the same color scheme as the stars and stripes, but is mostly white with a red cross in a blue square in the upper left-hand corner.

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When asked why the church decided to fly this flag the pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, North Carolina said “Our typical flag etiquette is to have the American flag above the Christian flag…But when you stop and think about it, it should be our commitment to God first, then our commitment to country.”

What really concerns the pastors is that those fighting for anti-Christian values have put up a better fight for their beleifs, and that’s why Christians in the U.S. are seeing their voices silenced.

Pastor Rit Varriale said “The reality is, they have been willing to sacrifice more and be more bold for their cause than the church of Jesus Christ for serving God, and that’s got to change.”

Varriale felt compelled by God to do this after he noticed a fellow pastor in town had the Christian flag flying above the American flag for some months.

He feels it’s the modern Christian’s duty to put God before Government and has even started a website which discusses what that looks like in the modern world.

A statement on the website says “Encourage your pastor and church leaders to do the same and start flying the flags in such a manner that it is clear we will serve God before government.”

So far there hasn’t been all that much backlash against the pastors and their choice to fly the Christian flag up high.

Which begs the question, is the decision to put the great flag of our heritage secondary to the flag of faith the wrong thing to do?

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