A new report reveals that not only are applications for concealed carry permits still rising after record growth under Obama, but it’s not all white guys.

In what could be bad news for Democrats, several demographics generally viewed as their political base are rejecting the party’s agenda on guns.

Specifically women, minorities, and minority women are filing for concealed carry permits in record numbers.

So, what’s fueling this growth among those not usually associated with the gun rights movement, and why could this be bad news for Democrats – whom most women and minorities already see as out of touch?

The Washington Times reports:

Marchelle Tigner, known to her students and others as “Tig,” is on a mission: to train at least 1 million women how to shoot a firearm. She had spent no time around guns before joining the National Guard. Now, as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she wants to give other women of color the training she hadn’t had.

“It’s important, especially for black women, to learn how to shoot,” Tigner said, noting that black women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence. “We need to learn how to defend ourselves.”

As the Democrat Party elites grow more radical in their opposition to private gun ownership, their base is moving in the opposite direction.

“Pew surveys in recent years have shown a growing acceptance of firearms among African-Americans: In 2012, one found that less than a third of black households viewed gun ownership as positive; three years later, that number had jumped. By then, 59 percent of black families saw owning guns as a necessity,” the Times reports.

The growth is even more surprising among black women.

“Philip Smith founded the National African American Gun Association in 2012 during Black History Month to spread the word that gun ownership was not something reserved for whites. He figured it would ultimately attract about 300 members, a number achieved in its first month. It now boasts 20,000 members in 30 chapters across the country,” the Times reports.

“I thought it would be the brothers joining,” Smith told the Times. “But instead, he found something surprising — more black women joining, most of them expressing concerns about living either alone or as single parents and wanting to protect themselves and their homes,” the Times reports.

There’s hard data to back that up. “(A) recent study by gun-rights advocate and researcher John Lott showed that black women outpaced other races and genders in securing concealed carry permits between 2000 and 2016 in Texas, one of the few states that keep detailed demographic information,” the Times reports.

And as women and black women are moving in one direction on gun ownership and concealed carry, it may be causing a rift between the Democrat Party and its traditional base.

An April 2017 ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 67 percent of Americans consider the Democrat Party “out of touch” – even greater than the 62 percent who believe the same of Republicans.  Only 28 percent of Americans felt Democrats were “in touch”, compared to 32 percent for Republicans.

But even women and minorities are growing more skeptical of a Democrat Party that increasingly rejects their values and safety to cater towards the coastal liberal elite who are largely white and wealthy.

Among non-whites, 60 percent felt Democrats were out of touch.  Among women, it was 59 percent.

The survey did not poll opinions on, or personal ownership of guns, but the growing acceptance of firearms use and ownership among women and minorities is just another wedge Democrats are driving between themselves and their base.