Hillary Clinton has unsuccessfully attempted to profit off her infamous political career and the numerous scandals.

After her last federal investigation, it seemed her political career was over, despite her attempts at revival. Clinton is quickly fading into obscurity as better political leaders are rising.

But now, surprisingly, a previously assumed rival of former Democratic candidate Clinton seems to be following in her footsteps.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is following the same dark path that ruined Clinton’s career.

From launching a book tour to being investigated by the FBI, the parallels are too obvious to ignore.

A new attack-ad by America Rising PAC  laid out every similarity between the two.

The Daily Caller reported:

A new attack ad by the America Rising PAC is going after Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders for apparently following in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps.

America Rising points out that Clinton launched her campaign with a book tour. Sanders launched his own book tour in Iowa Monday, possibly an indication he intends to seek the Democratic nomination again in 2020.

Much as the FBI probe into Clinton’s emails dogged her campaign, America Rising’s video argues that the investigation into Sanders and his wife could have the same effect.

Sanders and his wife are currently under FBI investigation for allegations that Sanders used his political influence to help his wife secure a loan while she was the president of Burlington College.

The comparisons don’t end there. The video also looks at the candidates’ speaking styles and their penchant for blaming Republicans when they are accused of wrongdoing.

The question arises, is Bernie taking a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book?

Her failure as a politician is hardly one to idolize.

Furthermore, Sanders and Clinton have always been at odds with one another after alleged accusations of foul play during the Democratic National primaries arose, with claims Clinton was purposely favored over Sanders as a candidate.

The Daily Caller continued:

Sanders and Clinton were at odds during the 2016 Democratic primary, especially when leaks indicated that the Democratic National Committee tried to help Clinton clinch the nomination, but the new video alleges that the two are more alike than people may realize.

Bernie Sanders’ political career, like Hillary’s, is dwindling — regardless of whose political ideologies he follows.

Soon, both will fade into obscurity as better leaders arise, like President Trump.

Do you think Sanders is following in Clinton’s footsteps?

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