In 2003, President Bush stopped playing golf altogether because he didn’t want to send a message to the American public that he didn’t care about the affairs of his beloved country.

But this weekend President Obama will play his 177th and 178th round of golf… all while the Middle East burns, the VA remain in shambles, and IRS emails go lost forever.

Since taking office, Obama has played more golf and gone on more vacations than any of the 43 Presidents before him.

While the American middle class shrinks, unemployment rises, and tensions with other countries increase, the president just “putts around” without any discernible cares.

The signal that he sends out to the public, as well as to nations aboard, shows that he doesn’t care about the integrity of the U.S. (not that he ever has).

As the “exhausted” President takes to the green, controversy continues to swirl around him, and yet he seems to give it no second thought.

The Washington Examiner reported recently:

“I understand presidents need to relax and get away, but symbolism matters,” says another former Bush aide, Pete Wehner. “It matters because it speaks to something deeper. You send signals to the country about your priorities. I would prefer that he not do it because he is commander in chief and things are unraveling.”

But perhaps Obama is not worried because things are going exactly as planned. Your thoughts? Leave a comment below.