Law enforcement is still trying to piece together the facts and motives surrounding the Las Vegas shooting.

But that hasn’t stopped major Democrats from jumping into the gun control debate with both feet.

And what they’re saying while the death count is still rising will make you sick.

Democrats couldn’t even wait for families to find out if their loved ones survived the massacre before demanding Congress pass stricter gun control measures.

But new laws would have had no effect on this tragedy.

The shooter had no criminal record, so he would have passed background checks.

And in 1986, Congress passed legislation banning the purchase of new automatic weapons.

Anyone purchasing a pre-1986 automatic weapon must pass stringent background checks.

If the gunman altered one of his semi-automatic weapons to fire automatically, that carries a ten year prison sentence.

Democrats know all this.

They just never want to let a good crisis go to waste.

So they will leap at an opportunity to deploy emotional blackmail in the wake of a tragedy to grab guns and chip away at the Second Amendment.

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