It’s no secret that Donald Trump and John McCain feuded politically.

The President and McCain often did not see eye-to-eye on key issues.

But what the media did after John McCain passed away will make you sick.

Donald Trump Reacts To John McCain’s Death

John McCain lost his battle with brain cancer and passed away on Saturday.

President Trump sent out a tweet expressing his sympathies for the McCain family, saying:

Trump also put out an official statement on Monday regarding McCain’s passing.

He wrote:

Despite our differences on policy and politics, I respect Senator John McCain’s service to our country and, in his honor, have signed a proclamation to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff until the day of his interment.”

Journalists Pounce On McCain’s Death To Attack The President

The media seized on McCain’s death to attack the President.

One Washington Post contributor ripped the President for posting too many tweets.

The Washington Post also reported that Trump spiked a White House statement that praised McCain.

Matt Schlapp – who is married to Trump aide Mercedes Schlapp – shot down the story after Fox also reported it.

He tweeted:

John McCain And Donald Trump’s Complicated Relationship

Trump supported John McCain when he ran for President in 2008.

He also endorsed McCain in his 2016 re-election bid to the Senate.

McCain, however, withdrew his support for the President after the Access Hollywood tape went public.

McCain also blasted the President’s America First policies on immigration, trade, and foreign relations.

In addition, McCain delivered a copy of the Trump-Russia dossier to a then-FBI Director James Comey.

And Trump believed McCain ultimately betrayed him when he killed the GOP’s “skinny repeal” Obamacare bill.

While the President and McCain did not have kind words for one another in the past, Trump put that aside and gave McCain’s family his sympathy after the Senator passed away.

Americans Question The Media’s Conduct

Journalists turned McCain’s death into another opportunity to attack the President.

Trump calling the mainstream media “fake news”, “the opposition party” and “enemy of the people” makes reporters mad.

But the President’s supporters believe he has every right to call them out, especially when the press uses a man’s death to attack Trump.

Journalists hate Trump and want to see him driven from office.

They think all Americans should despise Trump as much as they do.

So they focus their attacks on Trump’s personality and conduct.

Meanwhile, trust in the media is at an all-time low.

A recent poll found 72 percent of Americans believe the media publishes stories they know to be false.

92 percent of Republicans and 79 percent of Independents agree that the media runs fake news on purpose.

Journalists’ conduct in the wake of McCain’s death is a big reason why so many Americans no longer believe the so-called “mainstream” media.

Do you think the media crossed the line following John McCain’s death?

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