Susan Rice is at the center of the scandal surrounding Barack Obama spying on Donald Trump and his campaign.

She requested Trump officials caught up in incidental surveillance to be unmasked.

But now she’s done something even worse.

Rice was scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee to explain her role in the unmasking of Trump officials.

But that testimony has been delayed.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Rice was expected to be asked tough questions on whether she requested the unmasking of Trump associates whose identities were anonymous in intelligence documents. The documents were based on electronic eavesdropping of foreigners, and the conversations of the individuals in the U.S. were collected incidentally.

According to press reports from earlier this year, Rice requested the masked identities on several occasions. Critics have said that the Obama administration sought to use intelligence to hurt Trump, a charge that Rice ardently denied.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R.) told Fox News last week that he wants Rice to answer one basic question: “Did you unmask the names, and if so why?”

On March 22, Rice told PBS she “knew nothing” about the unmasking of Trump associates.

After reports came out about the unmasking, she denied any wrongdoing in April.

“The allegation is that somehow the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That’s absolutely false,” Rice told MSNBC.

Among the names reportedly unmasked was Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser who resigned in February after he misled Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak.”

This is the second time Rice was asked to appear before Congress to explain her actions yet did not.

She refused Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham’s invitation to testify because the ranking Democrat did not also invite her.

But Rice’s failure to testify is raising big questions.

Why won’t she explain herself?

What is she hiding?

And did she request the unmasking of Trump officials so their names could be leaked?

The leaking of the identities of American citizens caught up in surveillance is so far the only proven crime in the entire Russia scandal.

Up until now, Deep State leakers were able to feed the press these illegal leaks without fear of reprisal.

But if Rice testifies before Congress, she will surely be asked who was unmasked as a result of her request, if she leaked the information, and if she did not leak the identities, then who would have had access to that information.

Congressional investigators could reverse engineer the chain of information and start to identify the leakers within the Deep State.

Given the stakes – and given Rice’s propensity to lie in interviews which could expose her to perjury charges if she fibs before Congress – it’s not surprising that Rice would hold off on testifying for as long as possible.

We will keep you up to date on this developing story.