220px-Osama_bin_LadenThe President is showing his obvious contempt for the United States as well as justice in a newly publicized plan of action.

You might remember last year Obama traded 5 top-level Taliban officials for a lowly traitor by the name of Bowe Bergdahl.

Well, now Obama’s gone and one-upped last year’s trade, and in the process spit on the graves of brave men and women in uniform who fought valiantly to capture one of America’s most ardent enemies.

In an effort to clean out Guantanamo bay, Obama has released two of Bin-Laden’s bodyguards.

Obama released six Yemeni captives in total, and three of them had served to protect the man who sat atop the FBI’s most wanted list for more than a decade.

All six of the captives released were known to be “high-risk” and Obama sent them along their merry way.

How in the world is the man not being tried for treason after he releases known enemies of the state?

The trouble with this release isn’t that Obama is sticking to a campaign promise he made at the beginning of 2007, it’s the fact these men are being released even though they have vowed death and destruction on the United States.

The Washington Times has reported many of the detainees who are released from Guantanamo willingly pick up weapons and return to the battlefield to fight the United States and our allies.

They wrote in May:

Some of the suspected terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay will rejoin the fight against the U.S. no matter what conditions the government tries to impose on them, the intelligence community concluded in a report last week that gives Republicans more ammunition to stop President Obama’s push to close the U.S. military detention center in Cuba.

Detainees released and sent to volatile countries with no restrictions on their movements are the most likely to return to the battle, but some of those still being housed at the prison will find a way to rejoin the fight no matter what precautions are taken, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in the report.

“Some detainees who are determined to reengage will do so regardless of any transfer conditions, albeit probably at a lower rate than if they were transferred without conditions,” the report said.

Thus it begs the question why they would be released?

The truth is Obama isn’t going to stop here with these men, he wants to send all of them back.

A source close the President said “I think it’s fair to say (the president is) fully engaged in all things Guantanamo — transfers, dealing with the Senate and the House and the Hill, talking with the White House on a regular basis.”

“He has also said that he wants to take a holistic approach…so he wants to focus on the 57 who are cleared for transfer, but he wants to see what we’re doing with the rest of those. So he’s thinking about all 122, not just the 57.”

Instead of a commander in chief in office, we have the traitor of the century.

What’s your take on all of this?

Is it acceptable to release these men knowing their hatred of all things America?