The Pentagon has been hiding a secret.

About ten years ago, Congress ordered the Defense Department to gather all known evidence of UFO’s.

And what one Navy Pilot encountered in the sky could be the definitive proof of alien life.

Politico reports:

“The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, whose existence was not classified but operated with the knowledge of an extremely limited number of officials, was the brainchild of then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who first secured the appropriation to begin the program in 2009 with the support of the late Senators Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), two World War II veterans who were similarly concerned about the potential national security implications, the sources involved in the effort said. The origins of the program, the existence of which the Pentagon confirmed on Friday, are being revealed publicly for the first time by POLITICO and the New York Times in nearly simultaneous reports on Saturday.

One possible theory behind the unexplained incidents, according to a former congressional staffer who described the motivations behind the program, was that a foreign power—perhaps the Chinese or the Russians—had developed next-generation technologies that could threaten the United States.

“Was this China or Russia trying to do something or has some propulsion system we are not familiar with?” said a former staffer who spoke with POLITICO on condition of anonymity.

The revelation of the program could give a credibility boost to UFO theorists, who have long pointed to public accounts by military pilots and others describing phenomena that defy obvious explanation, and could fuel demands for increased transparency about the scope and findings of the Pentagon effort, which focused some of its inquiries into sci-fi sounding concepts like “wormholes” and “warp drives.” The program also drafted a series of what the office referred to as “queried unverified event under evaluation,” QUEU reports, in which pilots and other personnel who had reported encounters were interviewed about their experiences.”

One incident that stuck out was in 2004 when pilots from the USS Nimitz encountered a craft off the coast of San Diego.

The pilot who submitted the report was a highly decorated combat pilot who had Top Secret clearance.

The source reported encountering a craft that caused a disturbance on the surface of the ocean and then executed maneuvers that defied the laws of physics.

The pilot described seeing a 30-40 foot long white craft that was shaped like a tic-tac candy.

It was described as being smooth with no edges and did not emit any sound or light.

As he tried to engage the object, the pilot said it “tumbled into nonsensical angles” that made any pursuit impossible.

You can watch the declassified video of the incident below.

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