Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump famously feuded throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Many believe this conflict caused Kelly to jump from Fox News to NBC, sending her career into a downward spiral.

But what Megyn Kelly just said about Donald Trump committing a crime will leave you speechless.

Democrats and many members of the media want Donald Trump thrown in jail.

Nancy Pelosi famously told her caucus in a closed-door meeting that she did not want to see Trump impeached.

Instead, Pelosi said President Trump must be defeated in 2020 so his Democrat successor can throw him in prison.

So-called “journalists” – who recoiled in horror at the “lock her up” chants during Trump rallies – have either sat silently or cheered this rhetoric.

It is all based on Robert Mueller’s seditious report where he used un-American tactics of claiming he could not “exonerate” President Trump from having committed a crime.

Mueller and his gang of Trump-hating Democrat rogues did not charge the President with a crime, but did make a point of stating that they would have “cleared” Trump if they could.

Mueller turned the burden of proof upside down.

The special counsel smeared President Trump as a criminal by implying Trump was guilty until proven innocent.

But not every member of the so-called “mainstream” media took Mueller’s anti-Trump bait.

Surprisingly, it was Megyn Kelly who pushed back.

Kelly agreed with a tweet by Fox News contributor Guy Benson and stated that Mueller’s rationale for claiming he could not charge President Trump with obstruction of justice made no sense.

“Exactly. Diametrically opposed to Mueller today suggesting be had no choice on an obstruction indictment given the OLC constraints. Which is it?” Kelly responded.

But Kelly wasn’t finished.

Kelly – who has a law degree – also agreed with National Review editor Rich Lowry who wrote that Mueller violated norms by claiming he could not “exonerate” President Trump.

The former Fox News and NBC host added that Mueller claiming he could not “exonerate” Trump sounded a lot like he was begging the Democrats to impeach the President.

“Agree w/this & also still stunned at M continuously saying if he had proof Trump didn’t commit a crime he’d have said so. The prosecutor’s job is not to find proof of exoneration; there’s no point in even saying this. Feels like Mueller winking at Dems,” Kelly responded.

Trump supporters did not expect Megyn Kelly of all people to take up the President’s cause.

But if even Megyn Kelly is questioning Mueller’s actions, it only serves to demonstrate just how far off the reservation Mueller strayed.

Mueller’s clearly political—and outrageous—manner in which he framed his findings backfired.

Instead of being the final nail in Trump’s coffin, Mueller’s report was so transparently pro-impeachment that millions of Americans dismissed it out of hand as a Democrat-produced document.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story