Liberals refused to throw in the towel after Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Instead, they dug in and continued to try and destroy the new Supreme Court Justice.

And what Brett Kavanaugh is accused of doing with one young woman will put your jaw on the ground.

Brett Kavanaugh made history by becoming the first Supreme Court Justice to hire an all female staff of clerks.

Even left-wing fanatic Ruth Bader Ginsberg praised Kavanaugh’s hiring practice.

“Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew,” Ginsburg told an audience at a legal conference.

“Thanks to his selections, the court has this term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks.”

But the left-wing loons who hate Kavanaugh found a way to turn even this feel-good story into a scandal.

Liberal activists focused in on Kavanaugh hiring Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld as one of his Supreme Court clerks.

Chua-Rubenfeld previously clerked for Kavanaugh at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Chua-Rubenfeld is also the daughter of Yale law professor Amy Chua.

Amy Chua supported Kavanaugh when Christine Blasey Ford tried to take down his Supreme Court nomination with allegations of sexual assault in high school.

High-profile women supporting Kavanaugh helped him to beat back the multiple hoax allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

But CNN op-ed contributor and British fake news reporter, Kate Maltby, speculated that Chua only supported Kavanaugh so he would be in her debt and name her daughter as one of his clerks.

“After Kavanaugh became mired in allegations about his sexual behavior and underage drinking, Chua went to bat for him again, while also being forced to deny allegations that she had advised female students at Yale to cultivate a certain “look” if they wanted to clerk for Kavanaugh. Could Chua simply be trying to keep in with a powerful friend, legal blogs asked at the time, so that her daughter might one day have a shot at a Supreme Court clerkship with him?” Maltby wondered.

This was patently absurd.

Chua-Rubenfeld won a clerkship for Kavanaugh when he was an appeals court judge.

There was no Supreme Court nomination on the line when Kavanaugh hired her, so there was definitely no quid pro quo.

Kavanaugh hired Chua-Rubenfeld purely on her merit.

But it’s not hard to see why liberals think Kavanaugh engaged in sneaky backroom deals.

The left cannot separate someone’s identity—whether it be race, gender, religion or sexual orientation—from any situation in life.

Liberals refuse to comprehend that someone could get a job based on their qualifications and not on their identity.

It’s this obsession with identity politics that helped elect Donald Trump in 2016.

And if the Democrats are not careful and continue with these attacks, their identity politics will re-elect President Trump in 2020.

Are you sick of liberals trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh?

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