The U.S. women’s soccer team created a national scandal with their anti-American protests.

But no one knew things were about to go from bad to worse.

And what this Fox News host said about the U.S. women’s soccer team will leave you speechless.

The U.S. women’s soccer team became left-wing icons when months-old comments from star player Megan Rapinoe surfaced where she profanely insulted President Trump.

Players then filed a lawsuit falsely claiming they were paid less than U.S. men’s soccer players.

In fact, women’s players receive $23 million of the $131 million generated by the Women’s World Cup – or a 23 percent share – whereas the men, if they ever won the World Cup, would receive $400 million of the six billion generated by the World Cup or a nine percent share.

For the women to achieve “equal pay” they would have to receive over three times the amount of money they generate in revenue.

But this issue galvanized liberal journalists that falsely claim America is a sexist country when women make less than men.

Fox News host Jesse Watters attacked the outspoken Rapinoe – who refuses to sing the national anthem and threw the American flag on the ground and stomped on it after the team’s victory in the finals – as foolish.

Watters correctly reasoned that alienating half the country with anti-American, left-wing politics would lead to fewer people being interested in watching or attending women’s soccer games which will not allow U.S. soccer to generate the kind of money needed to pay the players more.

“The point is that women are not helping their case by their behavior. If you go out and you disparage the president, you act in unpatriotic ways and then complain about not getting paid equally, well, what you think is going to happen? People will not watch.”

He added, “That means the ad revenue comes down and overall revenue comes down, and they can’t divvy up the same amount of money.”

Things got even worse when Rapinoe went on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show and doubled down on her anti-American hatred.

Rapinoe claimed kneeling for the national anthem was a source of ‘pride.’

The homosexual political activist also smeared the President by claiming he was prejudiced against homosexuals and minorities.

“I think that I would say that your message is excluding people. You’re excluding me. You’re excluding people that look like me. You’re excluding people of color. You’re excluding, you know, Americans that maybe support you.”

But while Rapinoe was hysterically raving about President Trump being divisive, Rapinoe said she would go to Washington and only meet with Democrats and people that agreed with her far-left ideology.

The next day on “America’s Newsroom”, media critic Howie Kurtz dissected Rapinoe’s un-American display as having wasted golden opportunity to live up to the squad’s “one nation, one team” unity motto.

“It had the potential to be this wonderful unifying moment for the country,” Kurtz stated, “but she has just been constantly giving interviews dissing Donald Trump, dissing the White House, dissing the national anthem. I think that is a shame. She is happy to accept an invitation to go on the Hill from AOC, but really attacking the president.”

“She is very liberal, and she can’t stand this president,” Kurtz opined. “She is using the platform, I’m sorry to say this, but to mar or spoil or tar what could have been a great unifying moment.”

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