Screen-Shot-2015-06-30-at-3.10.51-PM-215x300The discussion in the United States over the Confederate Flag has reached a fever pitch.

Shortly after Dylann Roof shot nine dead in a Charleston church the news was all over the details on how he had used the Confederate flag in his personal life.

So, leftists and politically correct moderates, decided the only thing to do was to create a big fuss out of nothing and get the flag banned wherever it might be.

It was absolutely insane to see how the opposition to the flag reached a fever pitch as well as insane to see how retailers across the country complied with idiotic bans of the flag. Apple computers even went so far as to pull all games containing the flag (even civil war games) off of their online app store.

And Walmart, who caters to conservatives all across of the nation, gave into the whining of liberals as they pulled the flag from stores and off their online shops.

And if you wanted to go to Walmart and make a cake with the Confederate flag on it, well good luck!

Walmart refused to honor such requests based on a pretend policy to not make something that might offend someone else.

However, their hypocrisy was soon exposed.

Vice News reports how one man showed them to be hypocrites of the highest degree.

They report:

Chuck Netzhammer went to a Walmart in Slidell, Louisiana last week to get a personalized cake with a Confederate flag on it and the slogan “Heritage Not Hate.” The retailer, however, had just announced it would stop selling Confederate flag merchandise in response to the Charleston church shooting, so the store refused to bake the cake for Netzhammer.

In response to the denial, Netzhammer then placed an order for another sheet cake — this time with the black and white flag brandished by the so-called Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

“I went back yesterday and managed to get an ISIS battle flag printed. ISIS happens to be somebody who we’re fighting against right now, who are killing our men and boys overseas and are beheading Christians,” he told ABC News.

That’s right, the nation’s largest retailer put the ISIS battle flag right on a cake. The same flag that flies over the bloated corpses of the 250,000 some they’ve killed in the past two years.

Walmart was quick to back pedal and say the associate who made the cake was unaware they were making a cake representing ISIS and proceeded to apologize for the incident.

It’s unclear what’s more problematic, that the confederate flag is being banned from retailers, or that people would be so quick to create ISIS honoring paraphernalia.